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Save me From Myself; How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs And Lived To Tell My Story:
4 out of 4 stars
Brian “head” Welch

  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: HarperOne (July 3, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0061251844
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061251849

In 2005 Brian”head” welch gave his life to Christ sparking a media frenzy and controversy in the music industry. Most of us heard about it. Lead guitarist of Korn gets saved and leaves the band. I like most heard every kind of rumor around this and was wondering what the real truth was.

Then i find out through Jason (the man of steel) that instead of coming out with a CD like the rumors said he wrote a book. I thought…man I’d better pick this thing up. I am glad I did.

This is the Brian’s life story basically and it goes from him being a kid,to being in korn all the way to him getting saved. It goes through his Drug and alcohol abuse and his eventual freedom from it. I know what your thinking…Oh yeah another drug testimony. This one is different. I don’t know how best to explain it, but I read this book in 2 days. It had me captivated and amazed with God’s grace on this man. And on top of that the people he has affected since.

My words can’t do this one justice. Go buy it. It is a great redemption story for any Christian to read but more so for non believers and people whos lives are out of control. This book shows the hope we have in Christ.

About 3 weeks ago My dad who is the pastor of our church came asked me a question.

“What makes modern music Modern”

My answer was can’t you tell the difference? We both agreed we could but it really didn’t make much sense what made a song sound like 2007. Look at whats out there right now. Christina Aguilera has a CD out right now which is pretty much all 1920’s sounding music. It seems what makes something  so called modern is in the production of the music. So what makes the worship music Modern or not modern?

An interesting post was done on the song Everlasting God, by Brenton Brown, on both my blog and on Ragamuffin Soul. Los over there said the song wasn’t very 2007 and wondered how he could fix that. I wrote a post on it myself and agreed but wrote that as worship leaders we need to play stuff we might not enjoy or even like for the sake of the worship of the congregation.
Los decided to play it and it has since grown on him and they have done it a bunch of times in church now. The congregation loves it. His church is a very “hip” church. So why do they love the song,  a song that no matter how you play it (even his way)  does not sound like it was written after the year 2000?

I thought about this a whole bunch. I realized that as musicians we are looking for modern worship. Music that gets our guitars crankin’ and amps to 11. This is ok but also as musicians we get bored quick while the congregation doesn’t.  As worship leaders we shouldn’t think in the same way. We should be looking for music that is relevant.  This is my new buzz word. I want relevant worship not modern worship. I love crankin guitars but that isn’t what gets people to worship. relevance does. The songs need to be relevant in sound, emotion, lyrics, and spirit to the culture in our towns and congregations. My worship team practiced there is no one like you by crowder. Killer song. Modern through and through. It’s a great song, but we aren’t doing it in church because it isn’t relevant to our church. We do other so called modern songs that are fast and crankin’ but they are relevant.

I urge the worship leaders who read this to take a good look at their catalog of music. Take stock in what is relevant and what is just done because it is cool or modern. There is a time for most styles and lyrics of worship, but understanding what is relevant to your congregation and what can help bring them into the throneroom is key.

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May 9, 2007 — 8 Comments

Just a little thank you for this new milestone. I really hope this site is blessing you readers and new found blogging friends. I know it’s blessed me a ton.



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a new site AC180

I have been added as a contributer along with a few other great Christian men. below is the mission statement. Check it out.

What you find on this blog are the writings, musings, thoughts and posts of men that have all done a complete 180. We’re not perfect. Matter of fact, we’re not even close. We’re husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and friends. We struggle. We fail. We win and we lose. We like sports. We like movies and music. We love our wives and our children. We seek to live a good life.

Yet, like all men, we face a world and systems that challenge our intentions each day. We don’t give up or quit. We battle. We fight. We band together as brothers. We pray. We seek grace. When we fail, we ask forgiveness. At our core, we want all men to do the same. It’s the very mission and prayer of each of the authors and contributors of

In the end we hope to hear “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

It is then that our mission will be complete.

In lieu of the VT tragedy Passion has released a free EP/CD sampler with all songs about hope. Songs from Crowder, Tomlin, Redman, and Hall. Share it with anybody who is hurting and pray for the families affected by VT. Click the image to go download it.

They are born out of belief in a God who comforts and repairs, a Heavenly Father who has paid the highest price to rescue and restore us all. And because of Jesus we believe light can shine in darkness, life can come from death and hope will endure.

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