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  • The Joint: Hillsong United – A_CROSS // The_EARTH: Tear down the walls

    Review: Hillsong United – A_CROSS // The_EARTH: Tear down the walls This CD can be purchased/listened to at: i-tunes Click more to read the reviews!

  • Hillsong United: a_cross the earth CD

    Hillsong United’s new CD “a_cross the earth: tear down the walls” drops May 26th. Seems you don’t have to wait till then to get some of it. Download the free MP3 and chart for one of the new songs off of it NOW!

  • Hillsong London

    So we all love United, but for some reason Hillsong London gets no credit and is lost in the shuffle. Thier last CD “Jesus is” and the remix were brilliant, but for some reason nobody has heard them. Listen to the wisdom that is klampert. You need to buy thier new CD which comes out […]

  • Hillsong: This is our God – Healer

    Release date for the new Hillsong CD “This is Our God” is Aug 5th. I received a pre-release and I am listening to it now. Expect a review on the up and coming new version www.theworshipcommunity.com very soon. On the CD is a song called healer. Here is some video for it and explanation. Enjoy. […]

  • Integrity Press Release: Hillsong United comes to Houston in August

    HILLSONG UNITED COMES TO HOUSTON IN AUGUST Aussie Worship Band’s Only Youth Conference in U.S. for 2008 SYDNEY, Australia – May 5, 2008 – Musicians, students, youth leaders and worship leaders will gather in Houston August 22-23, 2008 for the Hillsong United Conference which brings the world-class modern worship band for its only youth conference […]