Who watches the Watchmen? or should you…?

{spoiler alert} Last night, after waiting for 17 years, I went to see “Watchmen”. It was 2 hours and 45 min. I had my pretzel and coke in hand. I was ready to be super happy or super disappointed. I of course read the book. and while the movie stands alone I do believe that … Read moreWho watches the Watchmen? or should you…?

Friday Reviews: TV Shows

Here are the sought after friday reviews…This weeks focus…My TV habit (fall season) 1. I Hate My 30’s – are you between age 25-35….THEN WATCH THIS….it is only 8 episodes and you can watch it online at the V-spot, Disclaimer: one of the funniest shows ever. A little crude. bring a change of pants! 2. … Read moreFriday Reviews: TV Shows