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I have been a “HUGE” fan of Vicky Beeching since the Hungry CD from Vineyard. She is a brilliant songwriter and amazing lyricist. On top of that her theology is pretty spot on.

On Feb 16th, in anticipation of her new CD coming out later this year, Vicky and integrity music will be releasing a 3 song EP.

I am stoked to be able to offer the chance for you to hear the songs first on my blog and two others listed below.

I promise integrity did not pay me to say this, but I think I got the best of the 3 songs to preview and I can’t wait to do this one in my church!


UPDATE: we have been asked to shorten the song to a 30sec clip. For those who heard it before I switched…Count yourself AWESOME!

What’s that? you love it and want the chord chart?

Words & Music by: Vicky Beeching , Sarah MacIntosh

Deliverer, come set me free
Break every chain holding me
Deliverer, come have Your way
I surrender to Your rule and reign

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is healing

You say the word and mountains are moved
Oceans and stars stand in awe of You
Just say the word, I will be changed
We’ll see Your face and we will not be the same, ‘cause

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is hope
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is healing

And Your blood is enough to break every chain (8X)
Every chain, every chain

© 2010 Integrity Worship Music and Thankyou Music (adm worldwide by EMI CMG Publishing, excluding Europe, which is administered by c/o Integrity Media, Inc., 1000 Cody Road, Mobile, AL 36695 and EMI CMG Publishing, Inc., PO Box 5085, Brentwood, TN 37024 All rights reserved. Used by Permission. CCLI#5657498

Looking for more info on Vicky Beeching? Here are a few places to start –

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You haven’t heard about Carlos Whittaker? You either enjoy sleeping under a rock or you are never on the internet. Carlos (LOS, alias @LOSWHIT) is a social media ninja and some may say the Christian “blog father”. He is a creative genius who has worked in many large churches and helps other creatives to tap into their potential for Christ. He is also a worship leader signed by “Integrity Records.
His new EP seen below is available on i-tunes now for as little as $1.98 for 3 songs! Honestly you can’t beat that price. Take a listen to one of the track below and make sure you check out the rest of the blog tour as well.

1.  “Jesus Saves” (hear it on FredMcKinnon.Com)
2.  “Rain It Down” (hear right now…here at Klampert.Com)
3.  “We Will Worship” (hear it Thursdays, Jan 28 over at ChrisFromCanada.Com)


RAIN IT DOWN – Carlos Whittaker



Rain It Down

Jason Ingram, Phillip Larue and Carlos Whittaker
© 2010 Sony/ATV Timber Publishing/West Main Music/Windsor Hill Music/SESAC, Deeper Still Music Publishing/Songs of Razor & Tie/My Maxx Songs (All adm by Music Services o/b/o Razor & Tie Music Publishing)/ASCAP
and Integrity Worship Music/ASCAP

There’s a storm coming in the distance

Some will run to it and some will resist it

Our eyes will turn to the sky

With desert hearts looking to the heavens

Desperate for your Holy fountain

Our eyes will turn to the sky

Rain down on us

Rain down on us

Rain down on us
Rain down on us

There’s nothing like your healing water
Pour it out on Your sons and daughters

Our eyes are lifted high

We are here and we are waiting
Flood our hearts til their overflowing

Our hands are lifted high

Come Lord we’re thirsty now

Come Lord and rain it down
Come Lord we’re thirsty now
Come Lord and rain it down