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David Bowden Poet

December 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

I found David Bowden online a year ago and am absolutely floored by the lyrics he spits.

“Don’t approach the living God with dead prayers
But come to him when your lifeless prayers are dead
And the spirit on your tongue is dripping with life
Then every syllable you speak will be a divine trade
Your mouth will leak with the flood of praise you’ve made
The number you seek will be far too high to be weighed
And you’ll never be able to answer the question,
“How many times have you prayed?” ”

Elevation Church has a new CD out. I want to thank Wade Joye for sending me a copy to check out. I can’t wait to listen to this thing. This CD is an amazing testament to what is going on over at Steven Furtick’s church. Thanks Wade! Review coming soon.