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3 minute countdown

Amena Brown: spoken word video

Jesus Christ is risen today – A (Traditional)

My Redeemer Lives – E (Morgan)
Let the Praises Ring – D (Brewster)
More than Ever – D (Reider)
Amazing Grace (chains are gone)- D (Tomlin re-chorus)

Open The Eyes – E (Baloche)

Sermon video: the day after easter

Turn Your Eyes – G (beeching rewrite)
Word of God Speak- G (Millard)


Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Klampert)

Jesus Paid it all- G/A
Majesty – A (Smith)

Happy Day – Bb (Hughes)

Have you read The Simple Church?

I have and our leaders have. It had some very interesting ideas about stripping out the complexity of our church operations.

It teaches basically to come up with principal areas of ministry and an order of discipleship process. We have heard that before, but the difference with this is taking a look at the church ministries and taking out the ministries that don’t fit into that process.

Our pillars are:

Live For God
We commit to daily give our life and will to God, getting to know Him through prayer and His Word, while seeking to live in a way that would please Him

Grow Together
We commit to a weekly time of fellowship with other believers, where we can grow together, and support each other in our walk with God

Give to Others
We commit to a ministry or other service activity, whether in the Church or the community, through which we can express God’s love working in and through us

Go and Share
We commit to sharing the gospel in word and action, and that when given the opportunity we will invite others to join us on the path of life

Our Church slogan if you will is Together on the Path of Life

How about you guys…have you read the book? Did it change things for you?