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I lost an eye

April 23, 2008 — 5 Comments

Is it just me or does this verse freak you out?

8 “If your hand or your foot gets in the way of God, chop it off and throw it away. You’re better off maimed or lame and alive than the proud owners of two hands and two feet, godless in a furnace of eternal fire. 9 And if your eye distracts you from God, pull it out and throw it away. You’re better off one-eyed and alive than exercising your twenty-twenty vision from inside the fire of hell. Matthew 18:8-9

I was thinking about this the other day. So I lie, I get too angry, I lust, I hurt, I use my feet and walk into situations that are not good and my hands. Are you there also? I’m not perfect.
Seems that if I took this literally I would be walking around with no eyes, feet, hands, or tongue.

Thank God His grace is perfect.

King of Glory

April 21, 2008 — 7 Comments


The King of Glory comes
The nation rejoices
Open the gates before him
Lift up your voices
Who is this King of Glory?
How shall we call him?
He is Emanuel, the promised of ages

I was talking to a friend’s wife the other day and God smacked me in the head. She was asking me how I am able to write music and then put it up on the net and not be unselfconscious about it. She is a worship leader as well and has hundreds of song that nobody has heard, but she said she wasn’t happy with herself in a few areas. Right away the book “in a pit with a lion on a snowy day” by Mark Batterson came into my head.

“don’t let what’s wrong with you keeping you from worshiping whats right in Him”

She of course responded with..”wow, deep”. I told her that sometimes I have that issue but more often than that I have another issue.

“don’t let what’s right with you keep you from worshiping whats right with Him”

Her response was “huh”. It’s interesting…I can do music/worship with my hands behind my back, youth group without even thinking, ministry without with people straight from my own strength. It isn’t pride, but I am very good on resting on my own ability and leaving the spirit out of the picture.
I will have a church service and play wrong chords and totally mess up and be ticked that worship was horrible. That will always be the week that 3 people come up to me to let me know how great worship was and how amazing God was. Then God says to me “see…it’s not you bucko” We all know that, but seems we are really good at forgetting that.

So she says to me..”Joel you are kicking my butt tonight”

God responds to me “consider your A** kicked as well!”

2 questions:

1. Ever leave God out of your ministry and see how amazing He is anyway?

2. Ever give somebody Godly advice and watch God kick your own butt with it?

Leeland: Opposite Way

In 2006 the 5 piece Texas based band released thier first CD Sound of Melodies. It was a great CD drawing obviously on influences from Keane, Coldplay, and U2. There were a few really amazing stand out songs and I knew these guys could be amazing, but I didn’t find myself wanting to keep listening to it. It didn’t quite make it into the repeat pile. This was odd because the songwriting and vocal talent was really top notch, but I felt like maybe they were still finding their way.

In Feb 2008 They released their second CD Opposite way. I was waiting with eager anticipation to see if maybe they found their sound. I was pleasantly surprised when I popped the CD and was instantly met with some pretty killer stuff.

It still had it’s influences from Keane and Coldplay, but Leeland seemed to tap into some older style stuff as well. You get some great Phil Keaggy sounding vocals and melodies straight out of the Tom Petty play book. It makes for a real cool sound that is pretty fresh in todays industry.

The CD is worship based calling for a new kind of Christian to stand up and go against the flow. The lyrics are really dead on and brilliantly written. Leeland’s voice is superb and really blends well with this revitalized sound.

A real standout song for me is the track

Thief in the night
Great is Your love and Your faithfulness
It’s Your faithfulness that carries me
Many times I’ve run away
Forsook Your love and all Your grace
Still You call out my name
Yeah, You still care that I be saved

So I’ll sing the glories of Your name
Your awesomeness I will proclaim
Until You come, until You come and…

Take Your bride away
Like a thief in the night
Like a thief in the night
You’ll take us away
There is no one that can fill this void
Like You fill this void in my heart
My life is just a human one
But You pick me up and call me son
Speak, Lord, I am listening
Yes, Your child will serve faithfully

Like a thief in the night

It is not a blaring rock anthem CD, but it does have some great rock in it. What it does though is really take you in to worship and the airy sounds are perfect for that. This makes a great addition to anybodies modern worship collection

4 out of 5 stars