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Breath of Heaven

November 13, 2008 — 3 Comments

Here is my new song. It is a very simple (in your prayer closet) kinda song. I hope you enjoy it.


here are the lyrics:

Breathe on me O Breath of Heaven
Let Your spirit fall on me
Let my life be filled with Your truth
Lord renew my heart for You

Breathe on me O Breath of Heaven
Fill me with the light of You
Holy Spirit I surrender
Take my heart and make it new

I will soar on wings like eagles
I will walk and not faint
It’s by your strength that I am able
And by your spirit I am free

1. absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
2. lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting

Translation: Apathy equals sitting on your butt.

I wonder how many churches if they closed down would not be missed. For that matter would people even notice they were gone.

Grace teaches us to not be apathetic. Since we have the best Grace of all why do Christians seem so content with Sunday morning and are not even thinking about Mercy, justice and love?

I’m seeing that where I am.

So why?

How do we get people to care?

Thats right. newly converted to the cult.¬† I had to have a 12 year right of passage of course on a PC. It was a long journey, but I think my life will change¬† on monday when fedex shows up. Either way I NEED this pic as a patch on a “circa 1982 jean jacket” .

I was always a mac fan on a PC. and now that changes.

And this logo meshes two of my favorite things. LOST and soon to be mac. Add a guitar and its a TRIAD OF GOODNESS. THE HOLY TRINITY OF WICKED COOLNESS.

ht: idrankthekoolaid


sure I sound like a noob, but I promise I do know how to spell my name. With the great response I had last time I am ready to order my macs, but I have a few more questions.

1. no antivirus needed right?

2. I have a lynksis router. Am I able to use macs with that?

3. If I am is there a way to network the two macs without having to buy airport routers?

4. I currently have a printer on the network. Will that still work?

5. Anything I’m missing?

6. Do i really need a desktop or should I just connect my 24″ dell monitor to my macpro when i want big?

Im looking at all refurbs cus they are way cheaper. Adobe is swapping my software for free. I wish corel would do the same. grr. going for 24 inch imac 2.8ghz and 15inch macpro 2.4ghz


Weight: 260 253-255
Height: 6ft
waist: 38 pants 41 with tape measure.

Why do I title week 2 withdrawals? simple. My wife found me in the corner on wed shivering and sweating with a baguette clutched within my ever shrinking arms. She told me later all i kept muttering was “my precious…my precious”

It seems I don’t drink much liquids at all. I forced myself this week to do it.

My diet was simple as well.

1. eat less…way less

2. stop with the bread…no really STOP

3. cottage cheese rules

4. oatmeal and eggwhite breakfast

5. lunch with tuna and his buddy chicken

6. and dinner was chicken, some pasta, steak etc.

I think overall I was pretty good. I got down to 252 on friday which was killer and then saturday came.
We decided to go to the zoo. Did you know they only sell crap to eat there? it’s true and I did not want to be a dork and come packin with a grilled chicken in carrots in a ziplock. So i had a burger and fries. What was I thinking! I coul’d have eaten a hotdog or pizza or…wait…everything was crap…ok so minor setback.

I think I bottomed ARSED out at 254-255 so this week I lost between 5-6 lbs. nothing to shake a stick at for sure. I’m stoked and we are not going to the zoo this week so I should lose at least 32 lbs. give or take 30lbs.

Ok so now starts week 3. Cya monday for another update and please check out the others who have jumped on this. Visit them encourage them and also anybody who is doing this use the logo and link to these people so we can keep track. If I am missing any somebody please let me know. and If you want in but are scared of the logo…let me know and join in anyway.

Good Luck Everyone!!!