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Our Youth group is called Grounded & Settled. This name is the covering of the youth ministry in the North East for our denomination. Grounded & Settled is having a missions trip in a few months.

I got to design a killer poster for it. Click it to go to my flickr page for a bigger image. Like it?

Have you read The Simple Church?

I have and our leaders have. It had some very interesting ideas about stripping out the complexity of our church operations.

It teaches basically to come up with principal areas of ministry and an order of discipleship process. We have heard that before, but the difference with this is taking a look at the church ministries and taking out the ministries that don’t fit into that process.

Our pillars are:

Live For God
We commit to daily give our life and will to God, getting to know Him through prayer and His Word, while seeking to live in a way that would please Him

Grow Together
We commit to a weekly time of fellowship with other believers, where we can grow together, and support each other in our walk with God

Give to Others
We commit to a ministry or other service activity, whether in the Church or the community, through which we can express God’s love working in and through us

Go and Share
We commit to sharing the gospel in word and action, and that when given the opportunity we will invite others to join us on the path of life

Our Church slogan if you will is Together on the Path of Life

How about you guys…have you read the book? Did it change things for you?

I received notice that one of my logos I did was accepted into the new Logo Lounge 4 book. I am really excited to be included with so many amazing designers.  Hopefully the book 5 i get in again.

New MacBook Pro

February 26, 2008 — 8 Comments

Here is what I have been waiting for. The new MacPro. Now I am waiting on $ from a job and the PC to Mac switch will be in full effect.

check out this Mac . Killer touchpad.

Mutitouch pad like the Air, Core Duo up to 2.6 ghz, 200gig 7200rpm HD

The Shack: Book Review

February 21, 2008 — 17 Comments

I just finished reading this book. I want to first address that there is a ton of stuff on this book already online. Some say that this is not in line with the word. Please keep in mind this book is fiction. Now on to the review. The writing is pretty good. It is written very simply and I think that the style fits well with the almost letter type quality it has.  The story is simply bout a man who loses his daughter due to her being murdered and he is called to go back to the scene by God himself. It takes you on a wild ride of internal struggle, grappling of faith, and mystery in the whole of the trinity. Please make sure you don’t take everything in the book as literal. There are times where the author sounds almost universal in regards to religion, but I assure you something in this book will grip your soul and twist it. Something in this book will make you rethink your walk and evaluate your faith.

You have to read this book. go buy it…