How to get the new “Dirt Poor Robins” CD for free or save $70

The new “Dirt Poor Robins” CD is out…and you are worried about spending the 7.99 on itunes. I get that totally. So here is how you can get it for free. Go to your CD collection and grab these CD’s/book: Panic at the Disco Kings X Flemming & John Blondie Queen Bjork Alice in Wonderland … Read moreHow to get the new “Dirt Poor Robins” CD for free or save $70

What the wednesday: PART DEUX

So just when you thought Thursday was here…wednesday rears it’s ugly head. Do you guys pick up the new radiohead EP or the new Fono? They were available online free or name your price. 1. Looks like Paste Magazine has decided to jump on board as well. They are offering a 1 year subscription for … Read moreWhat the wednesday: PART DEUX

Paternaty Leave = Catchup

It is amazing how much you end up having to do when you didn’t do it for a week. My design jobs stacked up…my church work stacked up…my stacks stacked up. So the blog gets some delays in its normal broadcasting which I hate doing. so lets talk about some books ive read recently. They … Read morePaternaty Leave = Catchup