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  • 50 shades is black and white!

    The 50 shades of Grey trailer released at 8AM on the today show yesterday barraging mens minds with the permission to control and lust after women as well as giving women the permission to live in a fantasy land and escape their marriage in visual adultery. There is so much crap flying at our faces […]

  • NIV Read Easy Bible Review

    NIV Read Easy Bible Review This black Italian Duo-Tone™ NIV ReadEasy Bible brings readability and portability together in one neat, sophisticated package. Whether at church, in the coffee shop, or trekking around the globe, this handy-sized Bible is the perfect companion. Its convenient size makes it easy to keep the timeless truth of God’s Word at hand […]

  • It is NOT an Audience of one

    I have many pet peeves with “christianeze” or Christian slogans meant to erase untruths by introducing more untruths. One of these phrase really drives me nuts. It is when people say to leaders in the church: “remember…this is for an audience of One” Let me clarify here that I know what people are trying to […]

  • Would you watch this film?

    Here is the Film caption… “In a world where kings and empires rise and fall, where fantasy becomes reality, where armies are slaughtered for thier beliefs, where rulers are disemboweled on toilets, where sex and passion are in the open….there stands one man willing to change it all…… This summer embark on a journey from […]

  • Twitter is God breathed

    straight from the word! God believed in twitter too ht: H3