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berlinI have had the privilege of being involved with many church unity “movements”. In reality we should not even call it a movements because some how that connotes that it is almost out of the norm of what the church should be. Sadly Unity is something very foreign to us in an age where approximately 41,000 Christian denominations exist.

I am part of the leadership in RI of something we call “1Prayer”. Yes I am fully aware that the term was stolen, but who is going to come to RI to challenge me. For the last 3.5 years 3-7 churches in this small area of the US have been meeting together to pray for revival and change in the spiritual climate in our area. We have seen amazing highs and some spectacular lows. 4 months ago we saw that God wanted us to rebuild our foundation so we put a halt to our monthly corporate worship and prayer gatherings and met with leaders and intercessors only. Confusion and chaos took hold of our first meeting and while it seemed we accomplished something in reality we gave more fuel to disunity. During a debrief about the meeting we were led to the word in Joshua 5. We believed that God wanted us to follow this and begin in repentance followed by consecration  communion and waiting on the Lord to hear His will.

The next month we did just that. We came and repented of our lack, pride, kingdom building, disunity and so many other things. 20 leaders from 4 churches spent an hour repenting that evening of putting our agendas before God’s and Strongholds were broken. 20 leaders from 4 churches consecrated their lives to the work of the Kingdom together and the demons shuttered. 20 leaders from 4 churches stood around the Lords table and broke bread in remembrance and in an act of re-MEMBERING the body of Christ. Barriers crumbled. Something significant that day happened. You can liken it to the crumbling of the Berlin wall. East on one side and west on the other. Church A on one side and church B on the other.

The next month we spent 2 hours waiting on the Lord and worshiping Him for His greatness and yet something felt odd to me. I prayed about it a lot and God gave me a picture.

The greatest battle the church can fight is to be UNITED with one another and THEN link arms against the spiritual principalities of our area. It starts with repentance and being united with communion because ultimately we must start with humility end end with Jesus. When we do this Walls will crumble and strongholds will be broken, but the battle is not over.

I had this vision of God smashing a fence in front of me. There it lay in splinters on the ground. I rejoiced at how great He is and reveled in the fact that this fence is now in pieces in front of me. I stood there week after week rejoicing that this is broken and never step over the debris. Then I notice while I am standing there that the enemy has returned with his “carpenter” minions and they begin to rebuild the broken fence…

Once again I find myself having to pray and fight for that stronghold to be broken, because I chose to be excited about the now and never once decided to be intentional about stepping over the debris to forward move PAST the rubble.

This can apply to ones life and anything a person is struggling with. If you find healing and never move FORWARD the enemy will come back and put that wall back up.

In the case of unity if the berlin wall came down, everybody rejoiced but nobody from the west or east crossed over then there is still division. If the church finds those walls come down and they dont actively pursue, relationships, worship, prayer and community with each other then not only are they letting the enemy rebuild that wall they are helping him. They are handing Satan the bricks.

“if we work with that church then I wont be able to build MY church” (here satan… here is a brick of pride)
“if we help the homeless that sunday with the other church we might not get an offering” (Here you go satan.. this brick of fear should do nicely)

We need to actively pray and fight for strongholds to be broken in our homes, lives, churches and in the body of Christ. When God smashes that wall make sure to step over the debris and act. Fight to make sure that wall stays rubble and that it can be counted as a wall that fell along your journey. Make sure it is now in the distance behind you instead of in front of you.

Song Story: Once a month my church meets with a few other churches to worship and pray for the spiritual climate to change in RI. We call it 1prayer. It is an amazing time and has been moving towards a harp and bowl model of worship (think IHOP). One night my dad, the pastor of our church, got up to pray and felt like God was saying we need to move into battle. He repeated over and over again “You are a mighty warrior You are our King”. It was actually amazing the spiritual battles that happened that night.

I went back home and could not get the line out of my head. This is the song that I wrote because of it.

This is the live version of it and sadly it was not recorded off the board so the recording sucks but I wanted to at least pop this version because you can hear people crying out to God. It was amazing when we unveiled it.


Mighty warrior (rough live mix) by Klampert

Mighty Warrior:
by: Joel Klampert & David Klampert

You are a mighty warrior You are our King
You reign victorious we give you everything

Lord heal our city, mend our homes
Break the chains the enemy holds
Break our hearts for what breaks Yours
Remind us that Your love endures
No power of Hell will go unbound
Let the Roar of the army sound

Lord create in us a joyus song
a chant of victory to right the wrong
Make our hands ready for war
peircing darkness with a light so pure
We raise our banners and shout Your name
Our city will never be the same!

New England has recieved the moniker “The preachers graveyard”. It is a very broken area of the US and it is continually amazing to see how little people seem to care.

Well it’s no secret to those who read my blog that I and others have been working really hard to change the idea in this community that the church can’t come together.

It started with a few pastors meeting and praying and the excalated to 6 of them and all the youth pastors meeting separatly. These are regular meetings monthly with the expressed purpose of praying and talking about unity.

We have as leaders noticed something as of late though. We are all dealing with similar issues and we are being attacked spiritually on the same “plane”.

Now I already made a note about how at my church Lifepath Church we decided to postpone the youth ministry for the summer. After a meeting with the local Youth pastors we realized they were wrestling with the same issues and decisions and we all committed to a summer of prayer together.

The pastors also committed to monthly gatherings for the congregations , going from church to church, for 6 months. We came up with the not so over used, but highly effective name 1Prayer.

Fast forward to last night.

Let me preface this real quick. Inviting people to pray is almost like asking people to go to the dentist. It’s uncomfortable and scares the crap out of people so people don’t go. Most churches prayer meetings are small and full of just women.

Last night we had our first 1Prayer meeting at Graceway Church of Christ. 8 Churches were represented. In RI where I am the churches are not huge. Between 6 churches we have around 1000 members total. This first multichurch prayer meeting had an attendance of well over 100 people.

I need to make the readers of my blog realize how insane that is. Aquidneck Island where I live before last year may just have been the mecca for all things disunity. Church hopping and sheep-stealing became an epidemic and fear within the churches grew to a level that is just sad to think about.

God has been speaking something new to the church. Something new that may sound surprisingly old.


Last night at prayer pastors got up and repented before the congregations for holding back the move of God because of thier own bitterness and fear. Many tears were shed and walls were broken down.

We realized he have to fight for EACH OTHERS LAND. Not just our own. So we united as one church lifted the pastor and the church that we were in. And the Holy spirit shook the place like I have never seen in a multichurch meeting.

There was an overall sense that This night WILL go down in history as the catalyst of change in New England.

I will end with this… If you are a Christian in RI (and everywhere) and you are not moving forward. You are sitting on your hands. Jesus is calling you to rise up, to show up and to join the Army of the Lord.

Misty Edwards song says somthing that we need to hear during this time:

I can hear the rythm of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
Cause He’s doin a new thing, so we’re singin a new song

He’s not a baby in a manger anymore
He’s not a broken man on a cross
He didn’t stay, in the grave
And He’s not stayin in heaven forever

People get ready, Jesus is comin’

Once again I’m gonna shake everything that can be shaken
Once again I’m gonna break everything that can be broken

Are you ready, are you ready for this?