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Worth Dying For: release date April 15th, 2008

I got an advance release of a new band called Worth Dying For a few weeks ago. Before I get into the review let me preface that I was not paid off to like this CD as much as I do. I literally can’t stop listening to this thing.

With a mission to be not just a band, but a youth movement that can shake generations, rock infused worshipers Worth Dying For releases their first nationally distributed project. integrity

Worth dying For is a 5 piece band out of the youth ministry of Calvary Temple in Modesto, CA. They are the band for the youth movement in that area and lead singer Christy is the wife of the churches youth pastor. This is a fresh sounding band with obvious influence from Hillsong United, but have thier own original feel. Christy Johnson sounds similar to Plumb and some of the songs have an old school no doubt kind of feel. The other lead singer Sean Loche has a joel Houston sound but adds his own little touches. You hear the United sounding delay ridden guitars but your ears are also treated to a riff driven sound. Not jsut a buch of chords mashed together, but some really great guitar work that reminds me of what I miss about 90’s rock.

The CD starts out with some real killer amped up music and some veryh creative arrangements and then moves into a slower worshipful feel. The songs Let it out, Crazy and At Your cross are real stand outs.

I want you (thats everybody reading this) to think back to last year and how stoked we were waiting for the release of Crowders remedy CD. Ok got that in your head and how brilliant it was. Keep that enthusiasm now and order this CD because it is brilliant and I guarantee we will see more of these guys and we will be playing these songs in our services. Then after you have ordered it make sure you come back here and thank me for turning you on to what seems to be THE band of 2008. Enjoy!

5 out of 5 stars

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Yeah we all have had our posts about how killer the music in the 90’s was…and I agree.

Here is what I’m listening to right now from that time. ROCKABILLY SWING! Setzer, Cherry poppin daddies, and Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Tell me you love ’em too. I miss the 90’s music.