We all have dealt with, one way or another,¬† lust/porn and the issues associated with it. It is a major stronghold. So how do we help our kids with our mistakes? Read this. It’s fantastic.


Oh yeah baby. One of the best.

Dinner with a youth blogger

February 1, 2008 — 4 Comments

So last night I had the pleasure of having desert/dinner with a fellow blogger, youth pastor, and rapper in my area.

His name is Steve Patton. Go check out his blog.

Ignore the hat in the photo…it was retro night at his youth group…:)

Anyway, I brought along our Jr High Youth director and the 3 of us had drinks and food and a great time.

We discussed youth, worship and our local culture.

It became very obvious that we were all on the same page.

After a little while our Jr high youth director Suzanne had to run and the restaurant closed.

We ended up talking outside in 15 deg. weather for another hour.

We have some big plans with multi church events and we are now both fired up with really taking Christ to the the streets.

Great times…killer pomegranate iced tea and inspiring vision…can it get any better?

Last week I announced a huge Sovereign Grace Music sale. All the CD’s are $5, $6 and even amazing deals on multi CD sets.

They have so much stuff I don’t know what to get

They have the new Christmas CD, but I don’t think I need or want that till next year.
Heres what I’m thinking so far…

Asleep in A Storm

Valley of Vision

Songs for the Cross Centered Life

West Coast Revival 

Anybody have any thoughts on this…?

Shannon @ for what its worth…?

Arg…I’ve been waiting forever for this and it’s tonight and I have a meeting.