The Joint: Matt McCoy

April 24, 2009 — 4 Comments

Review: Matt McCoy – Raise the Flag Again

This CD can be purchased/listened to at:

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We had an amazing 2nd service in our new building. Good friday was emotional, contemplative, restoring, and full of worship. It was a great evening. And I even got to play Keys this week on 3 of the songs.

For a detail on what was done in the service this year check out my Post on it.

for more pictures go here.


It has been like Christmas around here with all of the giveaways and I LOVE IT…

RUSS HUTTO wins: Israel Houghton’s new CD “the power of one”

Louis Tagliaboschi wins: Emily Schiavi’s Debut CD

Congrats guys!

and keep coming back to the joint to hear about music you may have never heard before…support the artists and win some swag.


The original winner chosen had an invalid email address. I emailed her church listed and also posted here that they were the winner and had until 1PM EST time claim prize.

Due to invalid email address (yahoo says there is no email listed as they had said) and the failure to claim prize by the deadline I will be announcing the 2nd number chosen via

and the New winner is….Drumroll…

Mike Mahoney!

email sent!…and yours works…

New Band: Tinted Windows

April 9, 2009 — 1 Comment

There is a ton of buzz over this new “super group” named Tinted Windows. So who is in it? Taylor Hanson of Hanson (lead vocals), James Iha (guitar), Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne (bass), and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick (drums).
This is the new video
“Kind of A Girl”. Taken from their debut album to be released on April 21st.

Gotta tell ya…and im not ashamed to admit it. I liked hanson, loved and still love pumkins, cheap trick is legend material. This is good stuff. I may have to get this one.

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