Creating the blog worked

March 14, 2007 — 3 Comments

So I started with the idea of the about a little less than a year ago. My thought was to start a forum and a blog with a resource website for worship leaders of every kind and to unify the worship and equip the music of the CEC ( the Charismatic Episcopal Church), which I am apart of. On top of this I wanted to see original music come out of the CEC that could fuel the vision of the 3 streams worship that we do. Historic, sacramental, and modern all in one setting. And last this would culminate in doing vineyard esque style of CD’s where we have worship leaders from different CEC churches putting together a CD that really reflects the vision of the “house”.

It’s a great idea. I thought it could work…and then I started it and nobody went on the forum…The blog recieved no traffic and there was nothing going on. This became frustrating. In my heart I still knew that God wanted something here. Now all of a sudden people are all over the site from different denominations getting resources for their church and contributingwith there own blogs and comments. This has helped me out a ton also because I can use those on here as my resource.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I started to receive  comments and emails from worship leaders in the CEC who have been waiting for a site like this to come along and they will contribute also.

On top of that I got in the mail the other day a CD from a church Christ the King (CEC) in georgia. It is called “the Bishops Mass”. It is all original music. some liturgical, some modern, some old. and it was a breath of fresh air. I was stoked because this is exactly what I was hoping for. I had never heard of this CD and I imagine many other churches haven’t.

I am excited to Find out there are other churches in the CEC with original music and can’t wait to hear and share more.

The Bishops Mass will be available soon from as a free download with hopeful donation.

In the end I am excited for what the Lord is doing here. I have learned a ton from people like worshipcity, superman, snowjunkie, Rag Soul and now to hear from  some of the other CEC churches as well is a total blessing.


Here is my friend Emily Schiavi. This is her myspace page and it has song amazing origianl worship from her. She leads worship in Jerusalem.


March 11th Setlist

March 12, 2007 — 7 Comments


D – Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) Newton Tomlin


E – Our Love is Loud – Crowder
E – Forever – Tomlin
E – Arise – Baloche
E – I’ll Hide in You – Klampert/hanlon
E- Center – Charlie Hall


D – The Holy One – Randall Terry


G – How Great is Our God – Tomlin
G – Enough – Tomlin


A – I Will Boast – Baloche

Ok so I’ve been adding my thoughts on the service every week and forgot to do it this week. I am reminded this is helpful by all of the other worship blogs that do the same.

Amazing Grace with the tomlin refrain and original verse was well….amazing…That is on well written refrain. i know most of us worship guys who consider ourselves on the cusp being cutting edge find Tomlin kinda cookie cutter and sometimes we complain that we have to do 3 of his songs in a row, But lets be honest with ourselves. Tomlin is a great writer and his worship, once the key is changed, is amazing for church. I vote that we arent ashamed any more.

The Praise section was great. It wasn’t a super hot or exhuberent set due to lent and it really worked well the way the songs led you to Center. That was the first time we did center and I think that song is fantastic. I’m kind of on a charlie hall trip now.

Then of course there is the Tomlin songs…Great stuff

And last I will boast. That song is so cool. It has a great little riff and has awesome drive. I think B was too low and the original in D is too High….Yes I think C for next time

This weeks sermon was on Moses and his 6 stupid excuses for not wanting to do what God wanted. Great sermon…We should have it online soon.

Time To Worship

March 8, 2007 — 1 Comment

This is a worship song I co-wrote with Gary Thies in OR.
It’s called time to worship and its a welcoming in to the courts of the king song.

Feel free to use this in your church with the © notice attached for © 2006 Joel Klampert and Gary Thies
While it is © it is not listed with CCLI as of yet, but will be soon. Take a listen.

The recording is really bad, (I like to think I don’t sound as bad as I do here. Ha ha ha) but it is a beautiful song.
Also there is a link to the chart.

Chord Chart

Creative Commons License

work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

10,000 hits

March 6, 2007 — 7 Comments

And there it is. the pinnacle of all things good..well at least until 20,000. Thanks for checking out the blog. I really hope it is helping to equip the worship leaders in the country even more.