Time To Worship

March 8, 2007 — 1 Comment

This is a worship song I co-wrote with Gary Thies in OR.
It’s called time to worship and its a welcoming in to the courts of the king song.

Feel free to use this in your church with the © notice attached for © 2006 Joel Klampert and Gary Thies
While it is © it is not listed with CCLI as of yet, but will be soon. Take a listen.

The recording is really bad, (I like to think I don’t sound as bad as I do here. Ha ha ha) but it is a beautiful song.
Also there is a link to the chart.

Chord Chart

Creative Commons License

work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

10,000 hits

March 6, 2007 — 7 Comments

And there it is. the pinnacle of all things good..well at least until 20,000. Thanks for checking out the blog. I really hope it is helping to equip the worship leaders in the country even more.


March 4th set List

March 4, 2007 — 7 Comments


D- There is a redeemer


C- Majestic -Brewster
C- Holy- Brenton Brown
E- Arise – Baloche
E- Offering- Baloche
A- Sweetly Broken- Riddle


G- Nothing but the Blood- Redman


G- How Great is Our God- Tomlin
G- We Bow Down- Klampert

Recessional ( END )

A- O no you never let go- Redman

An audio test

February 28, 2007 — 6 Comments

So I wanted to try this mp3 player and I have a jam in a 10 min studio in seattle that my dad, brother and I did. It was done at EMP we had 5 minutes to just jam and it was put on a CD. Hopefully it works and it is a kinda cool groove

Feb 25th Set List

February 25, 2007 — 7 Comments

D Come now is the Time to worship

G Unchanging
G We Bow Down
G Hallelujah Love Song (klampert,Hanlon,Reynolds)
G Enough
G Let My Words be Few

E Open the Eyes


G Potters Hand or
E You are the Maker (klampert)

E Time to Worship (klampert)
E Heart of Worship

E I could sing of Your Love