cecworship blog 2.0

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So I decided to do a little updating and change the layout of the site. I really like this clean look and hopefully all the lurkers do also.

Featured on wordpress

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Ok just some good news. It seems that with the content I am putting on here not only is this blog getting traffic but its also coming up on search engines frequently. WordPress yesterday for the tag CD and DVD search had this site as a featured blog and in Aug. it was listed at number 75 of the fastest growing blogs.

I am pretty excited about what the Lord is doing here. This blog is becoming what I had hoped. A place for worship leaders to find resources to equip them and a place for CEC music and worship to become more unified.

Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store next

1000 hits

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and they said it couldnt be done…ha!.
Anyway. thanks everybody for checking this blog out and I hope it has been a blessing in your ministry.


ok i think this will be the last video i post this week. but I wanted to add something for the bass players out there.
A video of victor wooten, one of the greatest slap (thump guys around)

on this solo he does a killer amazing grace rendition

if you watch the video below and you want to understand how in the world he does that…here is a link to a video lesson by him: wooten lesson

Top 10 Worship Taboos

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holy cow that video is funny…its not dial up friendly but worth the wait.