Sanity in the church

September 25, 2007 — 9 Comments

A book I read recently “The dangerous act of worship” made an interesting statement.

“Have a sane assessment of your abilities”

This made me think. Think about pride and doing too much. Think about how many people in ministry arent so good at delegating and people keep piling more on their plate. Funny thing is…If we had a more sane assessment of our abilities maybe more would get done in the kingdom.


St. Michaels Set List 9/22/07

September 22, 2007 — 4 Comments

Come thou Fount come thou King – C (Gateway Church)

We Praise Your Name – D (Klamperts)

Bless His Name – A (Tony Sanchez)
Marvelous Light – A (Charlie Hall)
From the Inside Out – A (Joel Houston)
Blessed be Your Name – A (Matt Redman) Alternate song for <From the Inside Out>

Word of God Speak- G (Millard)

More of You – C#m (Klampert)

Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Klampert)

Lead me To the Cross – D (Brooke Fraser)
Heart of Worship – D (Matt Redman)

My Redeemer Lives – E (Reuben Morgan)

Amazing Fred, but you do know copious amounts of helium is bad..

check it out


Outreach took submissions for most innovative churches recently. I decided to submit my church because I am really excited about how innovative it is in it’s blending of old and new. With that said I took a look at the list today on squidoo and there we were.

They have a panel of judges checking the sites out but if you sign up on squidoo which takes..oh 3 sec. you can click the arrow next to my church name and vote to move it up the list.

I don’t know if it has bearing on the voting but Anybody who reads this blog:

go to Squidoo page and sign up then help move my church up the ladder. I would love to see it in the top20. That would be really cool.

let me know in the comments if you voted. SO GO VOTE! thanks.

sidenote: this is just for the sake of fun

So I am reading stuff on the net and I come to find out about what is called Google Co-op and a custom search engine. Turns out you can create your own search engine and have google only search what you want to search. cool huh?  I think so and I jumped on that one quick.

Introducing Google meets CECWorship:
THE CECWorship  all things worship and ministry search engine

take it for a spin. so far there are 112 sites that I am using and I have a ton more to add…it just takes time.

Bookmark this one because I think it will be a great help at weeding out junk we don’t need when trying to do our ministry.

Do you like it? got anything I should add to it?