Check it out guys. Snowjunkie covered one of my songs. This man is an awesome singer and I am not only honored by officially stoked to have him doing it. I do it a little different and it’s just great having his version of it.

original mp3


Lyrics below>and let me know if anybody wants the chart like the other songs Continue Reading…

Well it seems I’ve been slammed as of late with …well… life. So I had a little catch up to do on what the wednesday. Enjoy..

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT ALL OUT…and let me know if your not mad at me for taking a week off..and if your stoked I’m back.

“don’t call it a comeback…i’ve been here for years” LL COOL J

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  9. Killer FREE youth ministry stuff
  10. Look at this photo and tell me there isn’t a God…I’ll tell you that your on crack!
  11. Free Mp3 and Chords from Chris Rice doing Great is thy Faithfulness
  12. An overclocked toaster from Geeksaresexy blog
  13. $1000 guitar pic…anybody want to donate one to me?

Added this one..forgot…


Wonder of the Cross (Vicky Beeching)
How Deep the Father’s Love – D (Stuart Townend)

We Praise Your Name – D (Klamperts )

Hark the Herald Angels Sing – D
More than Ever – D (Robbie Reider)
Above All Else – D (Vicky Beeching) vamp Steadfast Love

Open the Eyes- E (Paul Baloche)

O Taste and See – A (Brian and Jenn Johnson)

Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Klampert)

Hungry – C (Kathryn Scott)
Famous One – A (Chris Tomlin)

Forever – E – (Chris Tomlin)

Mckinnon Christmas Sale

December 15, 2007 — Leave a comment

My buddy Fred sent me a note telling me his acclaimed CD and DVD are going on sale for Christmas. I bought 6 sets.

How many have you bought? And why not?

“It’s clearance time. As I mentioned on my blog a few days ago, I’ve decided to clear the shelves of the “Worship Under the Stars” CD and DVD that was recorded live a couple of years ago by offering the CD and DVD for $5.00.

The “Worship Under the Stars” event was a vision that I had to do a big, produced worship night … with a 1st class band, full lighting … everything you’d see at a big-ticket concert … but for the glory of God. It was a FREE event, underwritten by some wonderful individual, church, and corporate sponsors. The event cost over $20,000 to put on, and another $10-15,000 was invested in the post-production of the live audio CD and DVD.

Some of your favorite pals from blog world are on the album, including myself (duh), Mandy Thompson, and Shannon Lewis. I was really blessed to have an awesome band and team of musicians, vocalists, and tech pros to pull off an incredible event.

An event like this had never happened in our area – so we decided we’d be happy if 500 people … but instead, we estimate that over 2,000 people came through the doors!

So, help a guy out … spread the love … pick up a set for yourself, and pick up extras for your friends. In case you were slow on the math, that’s:
$2.50 for the CD and $2.50 for the DVD. $5.00 combo set.

You can order online at HighestPraise.Com … and pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Check, or PayPal …”


Wait for it….