Announcement – God is doin’ a new thing

If you have been reading this site you are probably aware there are some crazy things going on in RI. If you have not been reading this then you need to. There are two Youth leaders in my cChurch. A woman named Suzanne and I. We have been noticing things as of late that have … Read moreAnnouncement – God is doin’ a new thing

Repent or Run – our only choices

A few weeks ago we took our youth to the “awakening conference” in RI. It was fantastic. Great preaching, great worship and great fellowship. We had a good amount of kids with us and we were very excited about what was to come of this trip. I have been to many conferences and most are … Read moreRepent or Run – our only choices

Keep your legs closed and eyes on God

I was watching MTv the other day. Yes I do watch it from time to time and I will get to which shows I watch in another post. Any way while I am watching it a commercial comes on with PINK. This is not an exact quote because I can’t find a youtube video of … Read moreKeep your legs closed and eyes on God

Animoto: awesome

Want the easist way to do cool photo slide-shows even with custom music. ANIMOTO. below is an example of my first time trying it out with some photobooth pics I took of some of my youth. Very cool. [youtube=]