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Ok on with another installment of whats in my bag.  Bring on the Ebow Plus. I love this thing. It is a cool gadget you hold over your strings on an electric and it vibrates the string forever. I got sold on them when I heard phil Keaggys on the fly CD  He uses it to make his guitar sound like a flute, bagpipe, harmonica, does killer arpeggios and soaring leads. It is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal. Check out the website and listen to the sound bytes. You won’t be sorry.

Guitar Strings

April 11, 2007 — 7 Comments

After the overwhelming success of the Guitar pics post I’ve decided to do a whole thing on whats in your gig bag and your gear…but within separate posts.

So my guitar strings are below…As always what are you using?

On my Breedlove acoustic
Elixir Nanoweb lights

On my Epiphone LesPaul Custom
Daddarrio EXL110

On My Parker Nitefly SA
Daddario EXL120

Guitar Pics

April 11, 2007 — 5 Comments

Thought I’d post the pics I use. What are you using …if your the guitar player

Snarling Dogs Brain pics

Wedgie Pics

Dunlop Jazz III pics. I use them for lead guitar

April 11, 2007 — Leave a comment

A great resource for online guitar tutorials/lessons .

Brian Doerksen Holy God

April 11, 2007 — 6 Comments

It’s been a long time coming for some new CD reviews for something other than beeching or crowder.
I was going to buy this CD when it came out and instead got it as a gift from a deacon in the church. This is the new CD from Brian Doerkson called Holy God. At first listen I wasn’t too impressed it was simple and nothing earth shattering. After a few more listens this CD began to sink into my chest. It isn’t a chart topping Tomlin CD and probably will never even hit the radio.
Even so you need to buy this CD. The lyrics and music are so simple and it is a call to prayer and worship. It takes you to a reverent place and you find yourself in total awe of the mystery of the cross.

These are the songs listed below..the ones in bold my favorites. A bunch of these can be done in church. All in all it is a great worship CD that is perfect for coming into the holy of holies. It has an ancient feel to it and that actually makes it quite relevant to todays worship and liturgical/modern settings.

#2.Our Father In Heaven
#3.Holy God
#4.Return To Me
#5.Song For The Bride
#6.He Is Here (Duet with Christine Dente)
#7.Light The Fire Again
#8.Hear Us Call
#9.I Don’t Need Anything But You
#10.Change Me On The Inside
#11.Show Me Your Way
#13.Unto Your Name / Holy Holy Holy
#14.Triune God

#15.You Are My Home
#16.Your Love Will Find Me (Psalm 139)