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Song by song with conclusion

Point of difference – I really liked this song. It builds and builds. Great dynamics. Joel Houston is a great writer.

Break free – Great guitar riff. I love this song. I can’t use it for corporate worship but a great concert song/ workout song

Desperate people – One of the best tracks on the CD. This one really benfited from a studio recording with all of the cool layering

Devotion – I really like this song a ton. great chorus “when you stand the tall trees and mountains bow” Wow!

Draw me closer [Selah] – Interesting little Selah. didn’t feel very cohesive to me though

Lead me to the cross – Newcomer Brooke Fraser on this track. And wow. She has a killer voice and she can write. This is easily my favorite song on the CD. I consider this a how great is our God anthem song and easily on par. Great bridge. She has a sarah mcloghlin meets cardigans type of voice…a mix of power and surrender.

Found – It’s good but one of the lack luster ones.

Hosanna – We have all seen the video on line with brooke fraser. and this is probablly the second best song on the CD. here we have another anthem easily usable in corporate worship. Great dynamics in this one and really brings you into worship

For all who are to come [Selah] – Hosanna goes right into Brooke singing in the spirit and it is a really powerful selah. The band is righ thtere with it and you really forget it is a studio CD

Solution -I know everybody was waiting for this one, but I guess I’ll be the first to say. Eh…it’s ok…maybe it will grow on me. so far I can’t stand all of the Whoa’s. lol

My future decided – I love this one. comes out of left feild and it’s got a great vibe.

Never let me go – Cool song. Joel delivers again with a pretty simple song with great lyrics

You – Ok this one doesn’t even sound like United. Actually it sounds like late 90’s vineyard. Great keys and Airy. Like Breath. I think this will be the least popular song on the cD for most, but I also think may be a very powerful song to do in worship. The simple chorus “You Lord,You Lord, You are Lord” is really powerful

Savior King – Great vocals on this one. and the lyrics are fantastic. I think this one would have been better somewhere else on the CD. Like say #3.

In conclusion: I really like this follow up CD from the last chart topping one. It is a first attempt into studio recoring and I did’t feel like it lost anything because of it. the addition of the Brooke Fraser could possibly catapult this CD into the homes and church where cutting edge for them is Tomlin. Great lyrics and shows the maturity in song writing more than the last CD. side note: cover is wicked boring…inside is wicked cool.

This is a must have CD. Go buy it now.

About 3 weeks ago My dad who is the pastor of our church came asked me a question.

“What makes modern music Modern”

My answer was can’t you tell the difference? We both agreed we could but it really didn’t make much sense what made a song sound like 2007. Look at whats out there right now. Christina Aguilera has a CD out right now which is pretty much all 1920’s sounding music. It seems what makes something  so called modern is in the production of the music. So what makes the worship music Modern or not modern?

An interesting post was done on the song Everlasting God, by Brenton Brown, on both my blog and on Ragamuffin Soul. Los over there said the song wasn’t very 2007 and wondered how he could fix that. I wrote a post on it myself and agreed but wrote that as worship leaders we need to play stuff we might not enjoy or even like for the sake of the worship of the congregation.
Los decided to play it and it has since grown on him and they have done it a bunch of times in church now. The congregation loves it. His church is a very “hip” church. So why do they love the song,  a song that no matter how you play it (even his way)  does not sound like it was written after the year 2000?

I thought about this a whole bunch. I realized that as musicians we are looking for modern worship. Music that gets our guitars crankin’ and amps to 11. This is ok but also as musicians we get bored quick while the congregation doesn’t.  As worship leaders we shouldn’t think in the same way. We should be looking for music that is relevant.  This is my new buzz word. I want relevant worship not modern worship. I love crankin guitars but that isn’t what gets people to worship. relevance does. The songs need to be relevant in sound, emotion, lyrics, and spirit to the culture in our towns and congregations. My worship team practiced there is no one like you by crowder. Killer song. Modern through and through. It’s a great song, but we aren’t doing it in church because it isn’t relevant to our church. We do other so called modern songs that are fast and crankin’ but they are relevant.

I urge the worship leaders who read this to take a good look at their catalog of music. Take stock in what is relevant and what is just done because it is cool or modern. There is a time for most styles and lyrics of worship, but understanding what is relevant to your congregation and what can help bring them into the throneroom is key.

May 20th Set List

May 19, 2007 — 17 Comments

This is the sheet I use when I put together my set list.

As always Worship leaders post your set lists or a link to where we can find your set list.

Worship Confessional: this weeks service was fantastic. There are some interesting things going on in the church and the spirit was a thick one this week. It needed some major breakthrough. Sr in Cecond week with the new gloria and it went great. Also second week with everlasting God…Man is that song contagious. I’m doing it the medium speed of brenton brown. We had some technical guitar problems and did another week of unplugged. The church has really latched on to never let go. The last song I decided to switch end we ended up doing majestic by lincoln brewster in C. I’m really looking forward to Pentecost. 



SUNDAY LITURGY: Season: Easter 7 Date: May 20th 2007

Subject: wiiWorship




Procession Hymn: Heaven Came Down Em

Opening Acclamation Collect for Purity / General Confession / Absolution


Worship in Song Gloria (we praise your name) C/E

Marvelous Light (Hall) G

We Bow Down (Klampert) G

Everlasting God (Brown) A

Never Let Go (Redman) A


Possible Special ________________________________________ ____


OT Reading


NT Reading

Gospel Procession Thy Word E

Gospel Reading


Creed & Prayers

Offertory Great I am (Klampert) C



Sanctus Holy Holy (Knott) C


Mystery of Faith ________________________________________ ____

Our Father

Distribution: Time To Worship (Klampert) E/C#m

Offering (Baloche) E

Post Communion

Prayer/ Blessing

Recessional: I Will Boast (Baloche) C

Our new website and blog went up yesterday. A few pages are being updated, but let me know what you guys think.

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It’s Monday and it’s that time again. What is on your list

1. Holy God – Brian Doerksen

This Cd is absolutely amazing. We are going to be down 3 or 4 songs from it in church.

2. Hymns – Matt Papa and Chris Oor

WOW! I bought both matt papa CD’s last week and this is one killer CD. I’d say on par with the passion hymns

3. A beautiful Lie – 30 seconds to Mars

I got this CD a few days ago and I’m hooked. I love the guitar work and great wall of sound feel

4. Jesus is – Hillsongs  London

Underrated because of the united and Darlene hype but this CD is fantastic. It also has a DVD and watching this church service go on is really cool.

5. The Longing – The Longing