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What the wednesday

October 10, 2007 — 7 Comments

Ah the second installment and this one is juicy. Make sure you check out everything here. Or else…and yes that was a threat.

1. My brother Jeff Just started a new blog of randomness. Some funny stuff on there. Give him some love. Then when you are done there check out his music. He is brilliant songwriter.

2. Go check out the winner of the 50k contest Gabe. He is a great man of God with a few killer sites and podcast. He is also involved with the critically acclaimed blog for men AC180.

3. Worship House Media is offering a bunch of free motion loops for your church presentation graphics. Get them here.

4. Mudpuppy had a great post on the 4c’s of blogging. If you dont get how to work this whole blog thing….read it.

5. Want to assess your worship service? Take a worship audit.

6. My good buddy Jeremy has a great blog about his life and worship in youth ministry. You need to check it out. He also this week talks about the origin of the words “textfessional” and swears I stole it from him. I don’t know how accurate that is and yes I started using 1 week after he did, but I think it was God inspired. Poor guy. Throw the man a bone…His thoughts are well worth a read.

7. 2 more important sites. BAN COMIC SANS and SKULL A DAY

So did you check the sites out? Like my brothers music?

I’ll leave with 3 thoughts to ponder.

Why is there braile at drive thru ATM’s?
Considering 7-11 is open 24-7 and never close why do they have locks on the door?
Was smurfet hiding the truth behind her “working girl” evening job?

What the wednesday

October 2, 2007 — 11 Comments

This is a new weekly section. expect oddball stuff, killer resources, sweet blogs, interesting news. Let the fun begin.

  1. Jon over at Lifemusicministry has started a series on worship leading essentials
  2. UnChristian – new book just came out on monday. looks like a must read
  3. Phil Keaggy makes #25 most underrated guitarists. I personally would name him #2 behind Prince
  4. Mudpuppy announces name your own price on new radiohead CD.
  5. cool news…the worship master list available on this site (which i hope to have updated next week) has had 1700 views/downloads make sure you check out the updated version next week. It includes all the songs we are doing, the key, and what CD they are from
  6. Youversion – Beta is open. It is an online bible and community . Check out what it can do their blog.
  7. A late addition to this is something found in the liner notes of the new crowder CD…call it an easter egg…click here