What the Wednesday: revisted

Thats right folks it’s back. Heck for that matter I’m back. You may not have noticed a lack of presence in your RSS reader, but there was for a few weeks. Anywho..here are some things on the net that I’m lovin. 1. NEW BLOG: a good freind, guitar player, and happens to be in my … Read moreWhat the Wednesday: revisted

What the Wednesday

oh yeah baby another addition of the zany web…check it out folks 1. Worship leader Charlie Hines from VCC gives us a peek at his gear 2. Free Vector T-shirts for designers 3. Francis Chan has a new video blog and it’s great

What the!…Around the blogs and back again

It’s that time again…interesting stuff on the net…check it out.. Victor is have in a ? Pray for Wisdom’s Kids New Star Trek Trailer Mandy gets interviewed Great video collection by Cosima Heath Ledger Died yesterday…Sad story and I am looking forward to seeing him in the Dark Knight Batman movie. Life is too short..make … Read moreWhat the!…Around the blogs and back again

What the…Friday?

You got it buddy…some really important things around the net 1. Mark lives at IKEA (ht. Jordan) 2. An amazing comedian (ht. Fred) [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvy_CMOhrg0] 3. How to tell a designer they need a little help – The Design Police 4. Mcmullens thoughts on marriage – READ IT! 5. Fake it Till You Feel it – … Read moreWhat the…Friday?

What the Wednesday: ULtimate Linkage

Well it seems I’ve been slammed as of late with …well… life. So I had a little catch up to do on what the wednesday. Enjoy.. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT ALL OUT…and let me know if your not mad at me for taking a week off..and if your stoked I’m back. “don’t call it … Read moreWhat the Wednesday: ULtimate Linkage