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Here we go again….if you are not the CD buying type…just tell me what your listening to.

1. Smashing Pumpkins -Zeitgest (coming back to this CD and I still really like it)


2. Extreme – 3 sides (classic rock opera killer ROCK! amazing CD)

3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion (I like the sound…trying to get into the CD…so far its pretty good)


4. Steve Fee -(cant get enough …great stuff)

5. Mute Math – (brilliant stuff…nuff said)

and you?

What are yours this week

1. Steve Fee – We Shine

2. Israel Houghton – Deeper Level

3. Paul Baloche – Our God Saves


4. Mute Math

5. Leeland – sound of melodies


in random order…my top 5 for the week

1. Isreal Houghton and the new breed – deeper well (say so song ROCKS your face off)

2. DC*B – Remedy

3. Michael Neale – No greater audience (this might be on par to beat vicky beeching for most times on this list)

4. Sara Groves – Add to the Beauty

5 Counting Crowes – August and everything (one of the best…classic greatness)

In random order….WHATS YOURS?

1. Fono- uh….its a free download…go get it on their site

2. DC*B – Remedy – I cant stop listening to it…ahhh

3.  Michael Neale – No Greater Audience – brilliant…and WHY IS NOBODY LISTENING TO IT? arg

4.  Smashing Pumpkins -zeitgeist – Time to revist this one…I really like it alot

5. Robert Cray – Time will tell – Great guitar

Here we are again…What are your top 5 CD’s this week?

here’s mine:

1. Steve Vai- Live at Astoria London (Brilliant guitar work)

2. DC*B- Remedy (going on listen 35 or so)

3. Godspell- Original Cast (One of the best shows of all time)

2. Michael Neale- No Greater Audience (WHY HAVEN’T YOU LISTENED TO THIS?)

1. Sara Groves- Add to the Beauty (One of the best CD’s ever)

again whats yours?