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  • HILLSONG faith+hope+love CD WINNER!!

    ok everybody this one was a pretty simple decision considering I had no less than 4 messages from others who turned down thier chance so he could win. Congrats goes to OCTO! Your answer was perfect. First Christian CD you will own and it’s a great one. Thanks!

  • Hillsong- Faith+hope+love FREE CD’S!!!

    If you were in a hole this weekend you missed me giving away the new hillsong CD on twitter and now on my blog… today is the last day get get in on that. Go to my giveaway post and make a comment… I will announce soon who is the winner. Here are links to […]

  • WIN A COPY OF: Hillsong-faith+hope+love

    Hello blog land…did you see the title of this post! Want to win the new hillsong CD that releases next week? Of course you do because if you read the joint review then you know its great! Yesterday I gave a copy away on twitter…Thanks to integrity we are doing it here too! How do […]

  • All about worship giveaway

    My friends Ben and Wisdom have an amazing give away going on right now. a “random” hint hint win for me would be sweet!!!

  • 2 Joint winners: BRING IT

    It has been like Christmas around here with all of the giveaways and I LOVE IT… RUSS HUTTO wins: Israel Houghton’s new CD “the power of one” Louis Tagliaboschi wins: Emily Schiavi’s Debut CD Congrats guys! and keep coming back to the joint to hear about music you may have never heard before…support the artists […]