Sackcloth: a new design

This is the last design for our inaugural print run. WE PROMISE! This new one comes out of Revelation. Isn’t it amazing that there are creatures in heaven that worship the king 24-7 singing holy holy holy…? This design is to illustrate that and to be a reminder that our King is worthy of such … Read moreSackcloth: a new design

Sackcloth update

New pricing on the merch/order page. You can beat it with a stick and a brand new design:

Top 5 CD’s of the week (June 19th)

Well after having a busy week last week with work, church, birthday, family and sackcloth I didn’t do my weekly top 5. SO here is this weeks. What are yours this week 1. Under the pink – Tori Amos (I love this CD. She is one of the best song writers there is…such emotion) 2. … Read moreTop 5 CD’s of the week (June 19th)

Sackcloth: Gear for the worshiper

****Update**** We now have a email address for your orders. Now all you have to do is email us your order (What shirt, What Color, What Size) with your address and how you plan on paying. This keeps your information private. Here is the email address. I am pleased to announce that Sackcloth is … Read moreSackcloth: Gear for the worshiper

Sackcloth: It’s official

So it’s official, Jason Bolton (Man of Steel and Mud & Steel) and I are starting our own T-Shirt company. I don’t know how true it is, but this is the first known case at least to me where two bloggers who don’t live close have started…well…anything. This is pretty exciting. The company is called … Read moreSackcloth: It’s official