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Deluge: CD Review

March 26, 2008 — 2 Comments

March 4th this CD came out. It is Deluge.
They are the youth band for the Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, LA. It was recorded live at a Youth convention there with 7000 people. It features Jonathon Stockstill, from the main team and popular from the song “Let the Church Rise”.

I Received this in the mail to review and went into it with my thoughts about the church. I have made mention of it before on here. I am not a fan of seeker churches and I am even less of a fan of the G12 apostolic ministry churches like Bethany. So when this CD came I was not very excited about it.

When I played it trying to give it the benefit of the doubt I was floored. I found myself sucked in to a pretty cool stylistic sound. It was not like the gospel flavored sound that they use in the adult band. This one had more edge or grit to it.

The intro was very cool and uses a drum core. I wish that it went into the 1st song, but there is a bit of a disconnect. The first song I believe has a very cool 90′s psuedo punk feel to it. Jonathon adds a very interesting quality to the sound. His voice is like mixing Jeremy Camp with John Mayer. It is an odd combination but I found myself really enjoying it as I listened. The track Crazy is just that. CRAZY. I love this song and can’t stop playing it. It is an edgy song with an almost spoken style of singing. Then it goes into this raucous guitar riff. I love it.
From then on we here many different styles of music. It is hard to pinpoint what kind of style this band is. It is heavy on the keyboards, Jonathon’s main instrument, yet throws in some great U2 style riffs. All in all it is an original sound and feel. With the diversity in styles I found myself listening to it over and over again and not getting bored.

For me there is one stand out song. It is also the slowest song, but it is extremely powerful. “whisper His Name”. This song is brilliant and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my worship.

This CD gets 4 out of 5 stars from me and it is worth a look.

Integrity Music

below is the song crazy

Sojourn Music: CD Review

March 17, 2008 — 2 Comments

It has been a long time coming. I have had this CD running for a few weeks now and every time I listen to it it blows me away.

The CD is called, Before the Throne, by Sojourn Music. So who are these guys. on their site it says

“New songs for worship, rich in Christian theology. Contemporary hymns, psalms, songs of lament and praise written by members of the Louisville, KY-based Sojourn Community.”

In a world of Hillsong United wannabes I have another description for this CD. Refreshing.

I didn’t know what to expect from this when they sent it to me. Every song is diverse, theologically sound and full of richness that I haven’t seen in a long time.

The style on the CD can only best be described as…Jazz, folk, rock, blues, soul, worship. Thats not even a joke. It is chock full of great songs for worship and they are surprisingly singable.

The music sometimes sounds like Nora Jones, then Vigilantes of Love, Tracy Chapman, Jennifer knapp, Caedmans Call, and throw in a little classic Christian Stonehill.

The songwriting on this is unparalleled and it doesn’t rely on raucous guitars to real you in.

The smooth and gripping sound from this CD will really pull you into a mindset of worship. This group is one amazing group and I can’t wait to hear the other CD’s they have to offer.

Go check them out and buy this one now.

5 out of 5 stars

PS…thanks bobby for sending me this brilliant work of art.

CD Reviews Coming soon

March 10, 2008 — 1 Comment

Thanks to Integrity Music and Some other guys I have a bunch of new CD’s that I will have reviews up for.

Some of them are:

Sojourn Music – Before the Throne (interview and Review)

Deluge (Live from Bethany Wolrd Prayer Center)

Worth Dying For – Self-titled

Ken Reynolds – Great things

Jared Anderson – Where Faith Comes From

Kathryn Scott - I Blelong

Michael Neale – No Greater Audience

Leeland – Opposite Way

Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten & Pocket full of sunshine

Friday Reviews: TV Shows

October 19, 2007 — 10 Comments

Here are the sought after friday reviews…This weeks focus…My TV habit (fall season)

1. I Hate My 30′s – are you between age 25-35….THEN WATCH THIS….it is only 8 episodes and you can watch it online at the V-spot, Disclaimer: one of the funniest shows ever. A little crude. bring a change of pants!

2. Heroes – My wife and I finally caught up via DVD and we are hooked…what a brilliant show…It is almost as good as Lost

3. Top Chef – This season just ended, but wow was it killer…I love cutthroat cooks!

4. Last One Standing – A new reality show…and let me tell you this is for the men…and the women who could handle watching 300. These guys are insane. They go from tribe to tribe (Africa, South america, etc) and compete with the warriors…amazing

5. Mythbusters – Ok it’s like 7000 seasons…well seems like it. and they are still going strong…This is my #1 nerd show to watch. I love science..for that matter go look up the show braniac

6. Cashcab -  Game show in a car…what could be better…

7. Attack of the Show -  Another nerd show…gaming (not my thing), technology, computers..yum

My other favorites: Survivor, Amazing Race, LOST, Project Runway, Pimp my Ride, Made

So are you guys watching any of these? have you checked out I hate my 30′s?

I know I said Fridays will be my review day, but since this is my blog…

David Crowder Band – Remedy

I have seen a ton of reviews on this CD now. Some Good..Some not. Mine came a little later then expected because I pre-ordered it. I did however get a nifty remedy totebag and stickers that you might not have. So all in all worth it.

One of the most talked things is..Good CD, but it’s not A collision. Well that is a justified statement, but one for me that needs a little tag at the end of it. None of crowders CD’s are the same. Thats what I love about them. Crowder keeps reinventing himself and breaking new ground. This CD does just that.

I think I am different from your standard Crowder-head in that My favorite CD is sunsets & sushi. So I might be coming at this with a different perspective. A collision was brilliant and one of the best they have done, but I think this CD deserves mucho kudos as well.

Lets go down the list.

.1 glory of it all – We heard it first on passion 07 and everyone of us drooled. A brilliant song with amazing songwriting. This song is the answer to the A collision epic style. This would be the anthem song.

.2 can you feel it – So Picture this. Joel is in a club and the lights are flashing…the bass is pounding. I just finished my diet coke and I am ready to shake my groove thang. Doh! I don’t dance. If I did though this would be my song. I love this one. I love the nintendo 8 bit sound. It brings me right back to sunsets & Sushi, but this is actually singable. They do some great stuff with the loops and effects here.

.3 everything glorious -  Heard it on Passion “Everything Glorious”. This is a great reworking of that song.They brought new life to an already killer tune.

.4 neverending - This might be my favorite track on this CD. More of the 8 bit sounds and great little key melody. The lyrics are brilliant. I would be all over this song for church if it wasn’t so full of the la, la, la in chorus. but for listening it is awesome.

.5 never let go - This is the “come and listen” of the CD. Never let go seems to be a trend in lyrics. I love the song and love the soft feel. This one however could have been better. In the end of the song there is this build up…It gets louder and louder…and then..ugh… let down. It was really hurting for this out of nowhere killer rocking guitar solo with heavy delay ala edge from U2. That made the song probably my least favorite on the CD. It has all the workings for an epic, but falls a little short

.6 o for a thousand tongues – A new hymn rework. Crowder is brilliant at these and he doesn’t let us down here. It has a great celtic guitar/synth riff that carries through the song. The added chorus is great and really adds to the song. I expect to do this one in my services.

.7 rain down - Heard this one on his first CD before they were even the David Crowder Band. I loved it then and I love it more now. What a way to revitalize this song. I cannot wait to teach this rocking worship song to my church.

.8 we won’t be quiet - A cool loud song with really sweet vocal effects. Not much to say about this one other than I like it.

.9 remedy - This song for my lyrically is the best. It is just perfect. talking about we are broken and abused and He is the remedy. This song needs to be listened to everyday.

.10 surely we can change – I like this song as well..great lyrics again. Crowder has a way with words. and keeps it simple, but this one doesnt blow me away.

Conclusion: The CD is not the epic type like A collision. It is like Illuminate and Sunsets mashed together. There is some electronic meets emo in it and I love the feel. The thing I was most excited about with getting this CD was it’s claims to have tons of singable worship. I think it fell short of that claim. However it did not fall short of being a really killer CD. Go buy it if you don’t already have it.