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  • JVO and re:create

    Last year I was privileged to attend re:create in Nashville, TN. It was one of the only conferences that I have ever been to that had me thinking, questioning praying, wondering etc etc. They call it an unconference and that is honestly the best description. I was determined to go this year but the economy […]

  • It has come to my attention…

    It has come to my attention that some people were not happy with some of the language I used in some of my posts this week. I have edited the posts and taken the words out. It is hard to express context within typing. If you read in RSS ignore them 🙂 I want to […]

  • #recreate Ian Cron Tidbits

    We had Eucharist today with Ian and it was an experience none of us will ever forget. It was like family coming together in communion and it was amazing. Most of us are still shaked from today. Ian Morgan Cron – Wed Session Eucharist – Liturgy Some Great mystery happens here…we dare not articulate what. […]

  • #recreate Michael W. Smith

  • #recreate Randy Elrod..UGH!

    I honestly did’nt know what to expect from this man, but oh..this man just wrecked me…I have a ton to process right now..but you HAVE to read all of this NOW!! Randy Elrod: Left Peoples church in 2006 Full time at a church at age 18 “The curse of the blessings of God” Job 1:10–11 […]