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New “psalms”

April 5, 2007 — Leave a comment

Here is a site of newly written psalms for occasions…  Great for readings

Psalms for Life

a little late sorry, but here is what I’m listening to… How bout you?

1. Matt redman – Beautiful news

2. Jason Morant – Open

3. United – united we stand…it’s growing on me big time

4. Paul Baloche – Greater Song

5. Vicky Beeching – Yesterday today and forever (in anticipation of new CD)

In Case You missed it

April 4, 2007 — 2 Comments

Here are some of the top hit pages

MY KING Video we will be playing this in church on easter sunday

The worship master list more updates coming very soon

Time to worship This song and the we bow down have gained major traffic

My Testimony This is blessing people so I want it to stay in the front for a little

I know it’s all over the net right now, but this song is so perfect for holy week.

Life is crazy in my house right now and boy does worship pull me in. Christ truly does make even the smallest things glorious


Ok so last week I let everybody know crowder is working on a new cd. WOO HOO!.

Then he decided to do the clip of the day

And check out the clip where ted nugent is playing guitar on the new CD.