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A few weeks ago I mentioned on the Joint about hearing this wicked amazing song. I just got a message that Darrell Evans is offering his song “Beautiful Savior” as a free download until Easter.
Just visit his IndieHeaven page to get it:

It’s a great song leading into Easter.

If you would like to download the chord chart for free, visit

I am doing this for Good Friday. This song is a must have. Go get it and then buy the rest of this CD. Trust me if you don’t you will not be cool.

I want to take a second and plug what my friends are doing.

Wisdom and Ben have recently added a new podcast member to the All about worship podcast. Darrell Evans. That is some awesome news.
Let me say that if you have not listened to this or checked out the live video interviews you are missing out. Click on image below for the podcast and also while you are at it sign up for their upcoming teleseminar.

Feel free to grab the graphics below and advertise this stuff on your site as well.

In preschool sunday school this week the teacher talked about communication with God. She related it to if the kids had a walkie talkie and God had the other one.

-She asked my 3 year old son Collin about it…

TEACHER: “Collin…what would you do if you had a walkie talkie and God had your other one?”

COLLIN: “I’d ask Him for my walkie talkie back”

Here is the Film caption…

“In a world where kings and empires rise and fall, where fantasy becomes reality, where armies are slaughtered for thier beliefs, where rulers are disemboweled on toilets, where sex and passion are in the open….there stands one man willing to change it all……
This summer embark on a journey from other worlds to an earthly garden and discover what it really means to be ALIVE….the Bible…opens in theaters everywhere june 2009″

We are having a great discussion in my last post about the watchmen. WHICH I DON’t RECOMMEND (sadly..I really wish I could). Go read the comments. Great stuff.

Anyway, It got me thinking. I have always found it odd how much violence and sex etc etc is in the Bible and that even by our own standards we would not see it if it was a movie. Just an interesting thought.

Anybody have any thoughts on that?

In an effort to continually break the mold in some things a few of us will be starting something new on the blogs.

It’s called “the joint”

Trust me you will like this…and if you don’t well…hmm…thats not really an option.

It’s coming soon (as in starting this week) on :
Live to Worship

You will most likely love this so much that you will need to blog about it and make bumper stickers, maybe a mug, or at least tattoo it on your bum…so here are some graphics you can grab to use.