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  • Are you In-Tune?

    In 1995 I was sent to Kiev, Ukraine, with YWAM, as a missionary. In our first week there we found an apartment to move into for our stay. It was customary to have the church leader come over and pray over the new home or space. It can be compared to what we do in […]

  • You say you want a revolution?

    New England has recieved the moniker “The preachers graveyard”. It is a very broken area of the US and it is continually amazing to see how little people seem to care. Well it’s no secret to those who read my blog that I and others have been working really hard to change the idea in […]

  • Prayer for a friend: Human3rror

    A friend of mine on the net (twitter, IM and blogging) is going through some insanely tough times right now. Pray for him and his wife. On top of everything he received some horrible messages from people. Let me say something..this world is messed up. And Christians, of all people, should not be trampling on […]

  • Inaugural Prayer

    What an awesome prayer yesterday. We need to as the church follow Rick Warrens example and pray for our country and leaders even if we disagree. Christ is still on the throne. rss readers: video embeded

  • PRAY NOW!! URGENT for friend

    An internet friend and accomplice in my music ministry sent me an urgent message at like 2 AM this morning. “please pray. my mom is in critical condition on life support. in the cardiac care unit of one of the best hospitals in the world.” So PLEASE PRAY for JUSTLORI. I will let you know […]