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May 27th Set List

May 26, 2007 — 10 Comments

This is the sheet I use when I put together my set list.

As always Worship leaders post your set lists or a link to where we can find your set list.

Worship Confessional: This weeks service was great. A memorial day service with prayer for those we have lost. We opened with new hymn Before the Throne of God above. I love that hymn. Next our new gloria which people are really liking. (Darren I will have it to you within a week) Beautiful one was done fast then slow then fast and then right into Everlasting God chorus. That worked out great and of course that is becoming a favorite of the church. A couple of standards….Great I am written by me and an old friend in Oregon played in a different key then normal. It made it great right before communion. Did only You for communion which I love but it is a hard song to sing with other songs because it is a weird rhythm. And then we ended with the classic Delirious Song. All in all a very worshipful service, but it will be real nice to get a bass player. Acoustic only again for the 3rd week. While I love that it is difficult to move in the dynamics as much.

SUNDAY LITURGY: Season: Easter 7 Date: May 26h 2007

Subject: wiiWorship Part 2




Procession Hymn: Before the Throne of God above D

Opening Acclamation Collect for Purity / General Confession / Absolution


Worship in Song Gloria (we praise your name) Klampert D

Beautiful One (Hughes) A

Everlasting God (Brown) A

Blessed be Your Name (Redman) A

Shout to the Lord A


Possible Special ________________________________________ ____


OT Reading


NT Reading

Gospel Procession Ancient Words E

Gospel Reading


Creed & Prayers

Offertory Great I am (Klampert) C



Sanctus Holy Holy (Knott) C


Mystery of Faith ________________________________________ ____

Our Father

By Your Grace (Klampert) Am/C
Only You (Crowder) C

Post Communion

Prayer/ Blessing

Recessional: Did you Feel the Mountains Tremble C

It’s monday and it’s that time again…woo hoo.

What are your top played Cd’s this week

1. More than Ever – Vineyard

Robbie Reider really kicks it on this CD

2. Hymns – Matt Papa Chris coor

3. Here in America – Rich Mullins

Just got this with DVD

4. Porch and Altar – Charlie Hall

First of the Best

5. One Louder – Jeffrey B Scott

Killer indie worship

Passion announced a tour. Oh man…I hope I can get to this one. They are coming to Boston. Only two hours away. Check it out folks. 

St. Michael’s Charismatic Episcopal Church Set List

As always any worship leaders who read this blog please post your set list in the comments.
and check back to read my “worship confessional” on the service

  • D – There is a Redeemer – Green


  • G – O Praise Him – Crowder (cut Capo 7th fret and regular capo 5th fret)
  • Em – Awesome God –Beeching (cut Capo 7th fret and regular capo 5th fret)
  • G – Shine Jesus Shine – Kendrick (cut Capo 7th fret and regular capo 5th fret)
  • A – Beautiful one – Hughes
  • A – Sweetly Broken – Riddle


  • E – Open the Eyes of my Heart – Baloche


  • C – May the Words of my Mouth – Hughes


  • D – I Will Offer Up my Life – Redman
  • D – Once Again – Redman


  • C – Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble – Smith

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Kind of an interesting list. some cutting edge, some not so much. The top 100 is even more diverse.

If you project your lyrics then you need a membership . They also added great resources like actual chords not just lead sheets.
Report Period 406 – United States
Rank Song Title Author/s CCLI #
1 How Great Is Our God Tomlin, Chris \ Reeves, Jesse \ Cash, Ed 4348399
2 Here I Am To Worship Hughes, Tim 3266032
3 Blessed Be Your Name Redman, Beth \ Redman, Matt 3798438
4 Open The Eyes Of My Heart Baloche, Paul 2298355
5 Shout To The Lord Zschech, Darlene 1406918 Continue Reading…