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  • Act Your Age?

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately and finding that I have more to say on life for this blog then just showing the millions of readers cool resources. So here goes. A funny thing has been coming into my brain lately..It has been spurred on by the many times I am around other adults and […]

  • Thought to Ponder; i.e. RANT

    We sent a man to the moon We mapped the human G-nome We built the internet We have Laptops and Cellphones We can do transplants We can see houses via satellites So if we can do and have all of that and more….then: WHY CAN’T THEY INVENT A GUITAR THAT DOESN”T GIVE US PROBLEMS WITH […]

  • AHHH! what the heck

    I had a code issue due to me I guess being too tired. Braindead or not…all is well.

  • Sara Groves new CD coming

    If You are a reader on this blog then you know full well how I feel about Sara Groves. In particular her last CD Add to the Beauty. I consider that CD to be one of the top 10 CD’s of the last 20 years. If you haven’t bought it yet…get on it. With that […]

  • Important CD releases

    Here are a few upcomin CD releases (some are preorders…some come autographed) Go to my favorite place to buy them at David Crowder Band- Remedy Jeff Johnson – Glorious Day CLICK THE MORE TAG BELOW…A BUNCH MORE MUST HAVES LISTED HERE!