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I mentioned these guys on facebook a while back, but it seems the Black Crowes and Janis Joplin had a baby. That baby’s name is Alabama Shakes. And with that Rock n Roll that takes talent and soul is back folks! You’re welcome!

He Lavishes

January 29, 2013 — Leave a comment


Hello… My name is Joel Klampert and I am a shop-a-holic. Let me explain myself before I lose my mancard. I love shopping! Ok…That didn’t help much.
The truth is I am very good at shopping. I am amazing at making sure we never pay full retail on anything. I have learned all the tricks and have bookmarked all of the websites. What I love most though about shopping is buying things for my family. Let me break it down for you.

My Wife: I love my wife very much and I want her to want for nothing. I find great joy taking her out to dinner, buying her new clothes and shoes and taking her and the kids out for fun. An example of my savvy is I recently bought her an amazing pair of $150 shoes for $39. Folks it takes years of training to be that good!

My Kids: Growing up we didn’t have much money. I had toys and clothes, but I wasn’t able to get somethings I wanted. As a matter of fact 5 years ago on my birthday my sweet wife gave me a 25th anniversary edition of optimus prime because she knew we were never able to afford it. I am still waiting for the full Thundercats set though. When Kelly and I had kids we made sure to make holidays and birthdays big because it was so great to see our kids so excited. At the same time we have taught them and make sure to instill into them often that God wants us to help others.
Just today though my little girl and I were at walmart and I bought her an inexpensive “my little pony” figure. It was not a holiday or a birthday. I just wanted to bless my little girl because I love her

My goal is not to spoil my family. My goal is to in anything I can make sure I can bless them. I fail at this often, but this is my goal.

One of my favorite songs that I am leading is Jeremy Riddle’s “Furious”. In it there is this line:

“He lavishes His love upon us
He calls us now, His sons and daughters
He’s reaching out”

I love that picture. There is a God who doesn’t need to go to the store. He holds ALL the treasures of this world and He lavishes His love upon us.

The Bride: God loves the bride. His church. He loves to have the bride on His arm and show the whole world how great His church is. He takes great joy in blessing His bride.

The Sons & Daughters: Matthew 6:28-30 says “And why are you worried about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you?” God does for us exactly what I do for my kids. He makes sure He is by our side in the good times and bad. He spoils us with the riches of His love. He gives us what we could have never afforded. Grace and Mercy. He is constantly pouring out His blessings over His children.

Our God. Our Father. The Bridegroom. He Lavishes

Following the dim light

January 22, 2013 — 2 Comments



I haven’t blogged or written too much on my journey in the last year or about my family and I leaving our church, Lifepath, and taking a position at another local church. Now seems as good a time as any because I am trying to gain clarity in what God is doing in our life.

Roughly 6 years ago God told our family to move away from Oregon and drive 3000 miles to RI to help my parents re-plant a church. It seemed like a great plan and we had no clue what amazing things God would do because of that act of faith. Over the years, well actually since I was little, I have been told that I was prophetic. I have seen god use this gift and discernment time and time again and it has been pretty amazing. The interesting thing is in our family life god seems to work differently. A good mental picture is almost like we are walking through a dark cavern and Jesus is walking right in front of us. We can’t see where he is leading us to and as a matter of fact can’t see much of anything. What we can see is the faint light from his torch that just barely lights our path. God loves to do great things through my family by making us follow this faint light and leap out in faith. Sometimes it is very scary. Sometimes it isn’t. Every time it is faith because we have no clue what God is up to.

Because of that leap of faith to move to RI I ended up being stretched, challenged, equipped and strengthened. Our family grew stronger and our resolve grew deeper. I met amazing friends and formed deep bonds that God used to affect hundreds of leaders at conferences in multiple states. I can go on and on about all the amazingly cool things God did, but I also want to say He brought us out of the pit of being burnt out and on auto-pilot. Last year we were becoming very restless in where we were and prayed, asking God about direction. While I was in Jackson, MI I called my wife back home and more or less told her that it was time to leave our church. She responded that she was feeling the exact same thing. On big decisions we ALWAYS ask God to confirm and give both of us peace. We were at peace about leaving, but not at peace about where to go. So we took that leap of faith and began the process. Eventually God made it clear through some very odd doors and situations that I was to take a position as one of the pastors in a church 5 minutes from my other church family. I was hired as worship pastor and God said pretty clearly. “follow me..”

We did, not being able to see past him in the tunnel, and He asked us to place our hands on his shoulders and he would guide us. We jumped in head first, but also with wisdom from learning much over years in ministry to put family first and not be afraid to say “NO”. Our first month was in Sept and like any position in ministry for the kingdom some things worked great and some didn’t. Slowly God began to throw little flares into the cavern and give me a brief second of insight into what He wanted us to do and what He was planning. Of course there is ALWAYS an emphasis on unity of the church in how I operate, but God wanted to do some great things at EFCNewport internally as well. I am not going to divulge anything online because some of God’s plan is private, but let me just say. He who has started a good work WILL be faithful to complete it. I am seeing spiritual eyes opened all around me and people pulled towards the spirit through word and song and it is pretty exciting. This past Sunday we switched a few things around in the service and put everything 100% in God’s hands and how He wanted to move. I am still praying about the ramifications of our faithfulness as a team to what the Holy Spirit was doing, but I can say without a doubt that something in the Spirit broke this past week. I have been seeing nuances of it in people around me, but this past sunday God wanted to make it perfectly clear that He wants his spirit to fall on our area in a way we have not seen here before.

Also during this time God asked my best friend Adam Fagan-Kela and I to do a class on igniting the spirit and living out a “Dangerous Faith”. I am convinced this is not just a class but a piece to God’s puzzle in stoking the fires and speaking to hearts to no longer let the spirit of apathy and mediocrity in our community exist. It starts soon so pray for us.

Long story short: This is partly a testament to the fact that God is continually moving in the lives of my me, my wife and our kids. However it is also a testimony of the fact that God sometimes calls us to step out into the dark out of faith. While we may expect the path to be lit when we do, often times it remains dark and we have to put our hands on Christ’s shoulders and let Him guide us where he wants us to go. We have to walk in faith with the knowledge that God has every intention to take care of us even when we don’t have the clarity we would like.

Be intentional and Press on in the dim light.

worth_it_allThe Year was 2009. I was at a conference in Nashville called Re:create. One of the nights we were going to a Night of song and story and Meredith was one of the artists that was being featured. It was that night that I was introduced to small petite woman with a huge voice. I was blown away by her writing and the nuance in her voice.

I was really excited when Word Records asked me to give my “opinion” on her new CD because this would be Meredith’s first full worship album.

“I never felt like I could write corporate worship songs, but that‟s what I always wanted to do because I am a worship leader,” Andrews states. “So I just started asking the Lord for songs and I was like, „God I don‟t just want songs to fill a record. I want to hear from heaven. I want to write your heart‟ and I was just overwhelmed with the way the Lord answered and the songs that are on this record. This album, I feel, is the most authentic to who I am. I can‟t believe the songs that we have and the way that God met us at every turn and the moments that we captured on this record.”

Honestly that quote says it all. There is nothing better than a selection of songs born out of worship and not out of an agenda of making a great hit.

It opens with the fist pumping song “Open the Heavens”. It is a great song that I will most likely trying to introduce in my own Worship Leading.

I am not personally nor historically a fan of doing song by song reviews because I know nobody reads them. So because of this let me lay it on the line for anybody that trusts my opinion… and you should.

This CD is heartfelt, inspired and holy spirit driven. It has many great songs on it and I am pretty sure many churches will be using them on Sunday mornings soon. The Production is top notch and not over-produced.

My favorite track after 4 listens is “Burn Away”. It is a great song about asking God to burn away the things that separate us from Him.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet I think this CD is a must listen if you like modern worship with a pop twist to it. I also have a test with every worship CD I listen to which is “Can these songs be done if the power goes out”. What I mean by that is can a worship leader grab the charts and just lead with a guitar or a piano and not have all the additional additives. In short I believe this album has many songs on it that would translate very well to a stripped down or small worship team.

If you have heard of meredith you will love it. If you haven’t then take a chance on it because I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this album free from Word Records to review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

I remember it like yesterday. It actually wasn’t yesterday, but about a year ago when the IPAD 2 came out and I brought it home. One of the main reasons I bought it, besides being an extension to my design business, is that I had found the app ONSONG. If you have been living under the “worship leader rock” let me break it down for you in simple terms. For years worship leaders have had many 3″ binders filled to the brim with loads of sheet music. On top of that we have been killing trees to print copies of charts transposed in 35 keys and variations for our vocalists, musicians, and techs. I am not a tree hugger but lets be honest, it has been a huge waste of money and time.

When I found ONSONG everything changed. I was now able to have hundreds of transposable songs in my ipad and access to sites where I can download new stuff. These sites include CCLI, Rockin with the cross, misc internet sites, and then the best part is it connects to dropbox. I sing with a few other people who also have ipads and the features that ONSONG provides allow people to be able to link to other users is amazing.

One amazing thing that I found after finding onsong and being a self-proclaimed fanatic of the product is I have literally convinced 4 people so far to buy an ipad just for this amazing app.

I lead worship at a multichurch, flow by the spirit prayer meeting. The addition of ONSONG into that mix has given me the ability to have hundreds of songs in any key on want at the tap of a finger. Gone are the days of my 700lb. binder and expensive plastic page protectors. I now show up to lead worship with an ipad and, as of last week, a new bluetooth pedal called Pageflip Cicada.

I have wanted a foot pedal to use with ONSONG so I could turn pages without using my finger. The are a few options out there and most are really pricey, but the Cicada is only $79.99. I lead worship most of the time as the only musician so it is very difficult to turn pages at same time as trying to keep the music flowing. After winning the Cicada on my buddy Chris Burke’s site my feet do all the work for me. I had my first test last week with the pedal and give it a 9.8/10 rating. The only reason it is not a perfect 10 is because it is so light weight and noiseless that I can’t even tell if I am pushing it. There is no resistance and it is flat so it is hard to tell it is even there. In the end though this pedal is AMAZING! It is a must have and is now being added to my pedal board set up.

Let me sum up here with a few points for worship leaders:

  1. You need an ipad (cus I said so)
  2. You MUST download the onsong app (it’s only $4.99)
  3. You don’t “need” a pageflip Cicada, but I think you should get it
  4. Combination of ipad, cicada, and onsong is like the trinity of AWESOMENESS! I am convinced all three are “God inspired”

Pageflip Cicada

Got any questions? ASK ME!!