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I have the privilege of listening to tons of new music and I wanted to showcase 4 CD’s/EP’s I am in love with right now.

1. Matthew Reed – Come and drink
Matthew sent this to me and asked that I check it out for him. I am a sucker for a well produced indie sound and when you mix that with worship I am instantly drawn in. I don’t know how best to describe this album other than it sounds very modern and yet I hear lots of things in it that I loved from the 90′s sonically. It has a Vigilantes of Love vibe to it (without the country folk rock). Wow honestly I really am having a hard time wrapping my head around the diversity and goodness of his sound and Don’t want to do him an injustice by comparing him wrong. The song “crash this place” is fantastic lyrically. “Holy spirit would you move in power and crash this place with love”. I love that image like we are inviting him to sleep on our couch or something. He as our companion and we are asking him to move in. “Emmanuel” is another stand out for me. Somewhere in my twisted brain this is what Norah Jones would sound like if she was a dude. I love this song and Really hope to be able to use it maybe even this Christmas. All in all this is a great 6 track CD that is creative, full of great stuff and does not get stuck in the rut of the “modern worship” sound with tons of delay pedals.

2. August York – This is How we Met
This is the First CD from my friends Mckendree and Rachel Tucker. Mckendree of course has had many great solo albums and played with Sonicflood as well, but after he got married this band evolved. I am a huge fan of what Mckendree does with his production, loops, and crazy digital fantastical surprises. He has a very cool raw voice. Rachel on the other hand is a stark contrast very similar to Zooey in She & Him. Somehow the two of them, much like their relationship, were meant to sing together. This CD takes you on a journey. I love what they do with all the different instruments and styles. It really has something for everybody and yet at the same time every song is “them”. It is great to hear them strip it down much like the Civil Wars, but also jazz it up like on the song “What I need”. One of my favorite songs is “no turning back”. It is just Rachel with nothing else and it is so haunting. You swear it is 1930 and you are listening to a Glass record. My one and only negative of the CD is I think Rachel could use more reverb in the production on some of the tracks. Her voice is just really cool and i would love to hear it even more echoed. I can picture these guys in a swanky throwback night club in the village in NY.

3. Nate Fancher – Surrender
I met nate in Sept at the Forge Conference in NJ. He, in passing, handed me his CD for me to listen to and I told him I would review it. I had 0 expectations because I knew very little about him, his ministry, or his “sound”. What I got was something very original and yet strangely familier at the same time. It is an amazing worship album and is starting to become easily one of my top favorites from anything I have listened this year. I love to compare artists to other artists so you can get a feel for it. So I would say it is like Owl City meets Gin Blossoms mixed with the spiritual integrity and lyrical content of Matt Redman. He is such a different and cool sounding vocalist with a Tener voice that reminds me of Ian Mcintosh. Great production, amazing instrumentation and a breath of fresh air. I can see myself doing a few tracks off this CD especially “holy Lovely”

3. Harvest Bashta – Make us Ready
I HATE EP’s because 90% of the time when I get an EP and sound like the church lady after listening to it “well isn’t that special!”. Sadly I find myself more times than not completely forgetting about the artist and not too excited for a full album. When I first heard of harvest of course I noticed her last name is the same as Daniel Bashta (my pick for best CD of the year). Turns out Harvest is his Sister. This EP broke the mold if you will. It is amazing and anointed. It moved me into a spirit of worship, warfare and revival right from the beginning. It is not overly complicated lyrically or musically. What it is though is a cry for God and for Him to show up, wreck us and revive the church. I love all 3 songs. I can’t wait to use them. Her sound is like what if Vicky Beeching and Misty Edwards had a baby. And since that is impossible it must tell you how cool this album is. I am praying somebody signs her ASAP because I want more of her music. Right now this EP is free on noisetrade.

Well there are 4 CD’s you may not have heard or even heard of that I think you need to go out and buy right away. I know what I am talking about so… DO IT!!

I have always wanted to be a runner. Something about running is so enticing to me, but I have never been able to do it.

I used to play basketball in Highschool and everything was sprinting. I wasn’t super fast, but I was able to do it. Later on in life I jumped into racquetball head first and got real good at it. I play competitions and sometimes 5-6 hours a week. Once again though it was all short quick bursts.

Get me on a track or a treadmill and I am only good for those short bursts. I am not a skinny guy, but what I have noticed happening is I was getting knee and shin pain well before my lungs gave out. This honestly was disturbing and discouraged me from doing cardio. The problem is I need to do cardio because I need to lose weight.

I recently spoke to a friend of mine, Russell (mudpuppy), who has been running the last few years and discovering things about himself and God. I told him I want the same thing and through our discussion I learned that the pricey sneakers I bought are compensating for the issues in my flat feet, but are aggravating the issues I have with my knees due to the way I run. This sounds very simple, but it wasn’t. It turns out my feet while running are pronating differently than most people with flat feet.

Long story short I can’t wait to buy new shoes. I have for a long time longed to be able to run. I know that it will take time before I am even able to do a mile without dying, but I am glad that for the first time ever it will be my lungs that tire before my knees.

Updates to come…..

I have no clue why I have not announced it here yet, but somehow the planets and stars aligned and my beautiful wife jumped into the wonderful world of blogging a few weeks ago.

We have seen mommy blogs and daddy blogs, but we decided to create a blog about a family with 4 kids and two parents that love each other and have normal problems, fights and issues.

So I want to introduce to you a new site written by my wife and I.

Please check it out. Please comment and cheer my wife on for being the coolest mom and wife on the planet. And enjoy the crazy Klampert family!

The Soul of Tone

July 28, 2011 — 3 Comments

This post is part of a series that my blog friend, Mathew Garrett Reames, called “the soul of tone.” The series is basically telling people what kind of gear we are using and how cool we look using it. So let’s get into it.

In church it is not very often that I have a full band so my setup changes drastically based on who is playing with me. Typically we are literally a drum and guitar setup. No bass or keys 90% of the time. Because of this I tend to play acoustic in that setting. However I also lead an IHOP style multichurch worship time where I will play my electric gear.


Breedlove acoustic Atlas series AC25SRplus – I absolutely love my acoustic. It is very natural sounding and needs very little EQ compensation. I would however love to upgrade to the custom series with a cedar top.

Gretsch 5120 – Low level gretsch with low end pickups gives me a great smooth, jazzy and buttery tone. Eventually the pickups will get an overhaul. It also has a tiger decal on the pickguard which I am positive helps with the tone.

Parker Nitefly SA – This is my main electric because it is so versatile. It has a 5 way switch that lets me get all the different strat tones I could ever want. It also has piezo pickups so I can make it sound exactly like an acoustic. It also has the ability to split both of those sounds with a Y cable, but I have yet to try that.

Epi Les Paul Custom – This was my project guitar. It has all new 500k pots, knobs that go to 11 and Sperzel locking tuners. I also replaced the pickups with a breed and tone zone dimarzio pickup set. Last it has a push pull pot which makes it so I get full on les paul sound, but when pulled I get a tele sound out of it by splitting the coils.


Line 6 M13: I recently sold my pod xt live for the M13 and have not looked back. I love the control I get out of this unit. My clean sound usually comprises of just reverb. However I like to mix in tube screamer and double up on delay. I use pretty much every sound and love them, but kind of avoid Chorus like the plague.

Cry Baby Wah: I have had my wah forever. It is a limited edition powder white wah. It sounds great and looks better!

Maxon OD808: It is kind of odd to throw this in the mix with the m13, but I love the smooth tone I get from it and it makes it so I have an extra bank of effects available on the M13.

Visual Sound Volume Pedal: I recently got this and I LOVE IT!! it has LED lights that tell me visually where my volume is. I do a ton with volume swells and this thing is so fluid and has a great sweep.


Vox Ac15C1: This amp is the reason why I sold my Pod. I get amazing, dark tone out of this amp. I love the reverb and the response of the tubes. It breaks up nicely, but also has an amazing chimey clean tone.


The rest of the stuff that makes up my tone are things that beginner guitarists neglect.

I use Mogami and planet waves cables. The mogami stuff is amazing and I saw a huge difference in my tone when I switched to it.

Snarling Dog picks .88 make it so I get nice bite out of my strings and when I sweat they have grip so I don’t lose them.

Ebow Plus – I love using this if I am playing lead in a band


breedlove – D’adarrio EXP17

Les Paul – D’adarrio EXL115w 11′s with a wound third. a heavy string and the wound third helps keep G string in tune

Gretsch - D’adarrio EXL115w

Les Paul - D’adarrio EXL120

And there we go… That is my arsenal that I like to use. I am very into tone that I like so often switch guitars multiple times while leading worship because everything I have has a different feel, tone and emotion to it.

This past weekend I had an amazing time away from my home church. I was invited by my friend Mike Mahoney to drive down to CT and lead worship at his church. I was also asked to play with him at a small community church plant/coffee house that his church works with.

The time at the coffee house was a blast! The area of Bridgeport, CT reminded me a great deal of where I grew up in Long Island, NY. It is a very run down area with a wonderful mix of high end homes and Mercedes drivers along side complete poverty and crack houses. As a matter of fact Mike’s Church, Gospel Light, has a crack house across the street.

It was exciting to see his church ministering to the least the lost and the lonely, more concerned with changed lives than the amount in the offering basket.

Our set for the day was:

Happy Day – A

Praise set -
All Because of Jesus – A
Glory to God Forever (Beeching tag) – A
Greatly to be Praised – A
Majesty – A

Christ is Risen – E

The morning started at 7am with buying D&D coffee and then getting our gear set up at the church. According to my Friend Mike Kim it was gear overkill, but I personally don’t think there is such a thing. I played my gretsch through my line 6 M13 and visual sound volume pedal into a Vox ac15. Mahoney played my Parker nitefly through a podxtlive into the house.

At around 7:30 his band trickled in and we practiced till about 9. Mike has a great team all with great hearts and a few with sarcasm that equalled mine. It was so much fun playing with these guys and girls.

At 9am we went to the diner across the street and had a great breakfast. Church started at 10:30 and ended at 1:30. I have been told that sometimes they even go till 2:15. Yes it was and is long, but the length is not only cultural, but Spiritual. I can’t speak for every week, but this week no body wanted to leave. Worship was amazing and the congregation was engaging. It was one of those times where the room was just filled with worship and the Spirit. Following announcements and a few mini sermons from congregants Mike Mahoney (pastor Mike) gave a great sermon speaking on healing within the family. I don’t remember the exact time, but he spoke for an hour or so and not one person was squirming in their seat from boredom. They did however out of conviction.

During “Majesty” in the praise set I was suppose to give the pastor the “wink” confirming it was time to come up and start the announcements. He had his hands raised and eyes closed an so did the rest of the room. It was thick in there. So we kept going and went into “let it Rain” and then “everlasting god” ending finally with a reprise of Mike Kim’s “greatly to be praised”. Worship was so good that morning. After the sermon Mike asked everybody to come up for prayer and healing and then asked families to gather around each other and pray. I had my ipad there loaded with music so we did “nothing without you” and “healer” during the altar call. It was great to see that many people stay so long and on their knees crying out to God for their families.

Pastor Pedro asked me to “review” the church. Can I nitpick details as a church planting guy? Of course, but let me say they have something many churches don’t. They have people on fire for God, itching to get to church and ready to kneel at the altar and pour out their hearts in worship.

In the end it was a great time leading, hanging out, meeting great new friends, having a surprise visit for dinner with mike kim, and reconnecting with friends.

I can’t wait to get back there to do it again and I hope that God gives more opportunities to lead at other churches because it gave me new eyes for things and freshened my perspective.

If your church is in driving distance call me up (facebook etc) because I would love to come and guest lead. This was a perfect trip to get my brain pumping again.