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How to make God laugh

September 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

A wise man once said “If you want to make God laugh…tell him about ‘your’ plans”

I am here to tell you that not only is the phrase true, but He may do more than laugh. He might just change things around completely on you.

Such is the case with an upcoming conference I am proud to be a part of called “the Forge Conference“. I have yet to mention this on my blog because I have been so busy since God gave my wife and I our 4th child a year ago and then he turned my world upside-down with this conference and life.

We started working on this conference when a few guys I meet with received a word from God about the same time I did that we were called to minister and equip the Broken in Church leadership. Around the same time as this God stirred the heart of a friend of ours to do the same but in the context of worship. We met together, prayed, discussed and the rest is history…Well not exactly.

We planned and worked our tails off. It was more than obvious God was in this endeavor because companies, speakers and artists were knocking on our door to be involved with this. We were so grateful and extremely excited. We knew this was a God sized dream and that He alone would make it happen. Nothing could stop us!

It was about a month away when we realized that everybody on the planet were aware of the conference, but no body was registering. We were shocked to hear of about 5 speakers pull out and 2 major vendors that were helping all at the last minute. They were legitimate reasons, but we were baffled that this was happening. Expectations came crashing to a hault. We did not know what to do with this. This was not in our plans. Our plans said that it was going to be successful and that God would Rock New England.

We voted to keep it going no matter what and it was then that we realized two things:

1. Success is a very dangerous and loaded word. Our definition of it in a situation may never match what God’s is.
2. We were prepared for God to bless this and be behind it 100%, but not quite mentally prepared for the “mystery factor”. The factor that says. Lets roll with the punches because we know God has a plan, but we have no clue what it is

I think if I have learned anything from this experience I hope I take away that HIS ways are higher and HE is so bigger than even the air we breathe so how could we ever begin to even pretend to direct HIS paths. We walk in darkness and follow HIS light.

Was it a success? Well it doesn’t even happen until next Thurs., but our obedience to HIS will has made this a success no matter the outcome. I know God has something special planned. It may be in the heart of one person and it may be something more visible. Either way I am honored to be a part, but would LOVE to see what impact this one event has in the future of those attending.

I will post more on the in’s and out’s of this conference and I am more than willing to take questions on here from anybody who wants to know how the Forge Conference came to be and what the Forge Collective is.

If you read my blog, which you should be, you would have noticed a group of men I meet with that we call “the Forge”. It is a group where I can go and be completely transparent with fellow brothers in ministry from other churches. About 7 months ago God had me move out of the role of HS youth director/leader into the role of being part of a team running the men’s ministry in my church, along side of leading worship. If there is one thing I love about our men’s group that I have not seen in any men’s group I have been in it’s honesty and transparency. In both my men’s group and in the Forge nothing is off limits. Everybody is broken.

I decided to look up the definition of Transparent. Here is what it says:

transparent [trænsˈpærənt -ˈpɛər-]adj

1. permitting the uninterrupted passage of light; clear; a window is transparent


That definition is astounding. I think there are two keys for real ministry within the church. Honesty and Grace. I have been talking about both with my men and forge group for months. We need to be honest with one another, but at same time we need to have grace for each other when things get put on the table that may possibly floor us, hurt us, or concern us.

Real transparency is what I strive for in my groups and even in my marriage. These days it is very hard to find a group you can be transparent with like that. Let me give you a picture of that with the definition above.


Notice it says uninterrupted passage of light…like a window. Light can get in and out of a window if its clean and is not broken. Each one of us is like a window. Many of us are dirty with life, have chips, or are completely broken. When people see us they see the garbage caked on us or get cut by the shards sticking out of us and can’t see the light in us. Light from others can’t get in thru the ice that has developed over our hardened heart (window).

God wants to heal us from the inside out. I believe this healing starts with honesty thru confession. Finding somebody you can trust fully and spill your guts. My wife and my forge group know my hurts, my frustrations, my issues and they also know I am a work in progress. I once heard a friend say “broken people have sharp edges”. We are all broken and we need to be aware that we do cut people, but when we are honest and are open to Christ’s healing he buffs the sharp edges inside and also through others.

My goal in life, and let me say I am no where near this, is to have the window of my soul so clear of debris and brokenness that there is uninterrupted passage of the light of Christ.