NMFAPIMWLC: week 2 – withdrawals

NO MORE FAT ARSE PEOPLE IN MINISTRY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE Weight: 260 253-255 Height: 6ft waist: 38 pants 41 with tape measure. Why do I title week 2 withdrawals? simple. My wife found me in the corner on wed shivering and sweating with a baguette clutched within my ever shrinking arms. She told me later … Read moreNMFAPIMWLC: week 2 – withdrawals

NMFAPIMWLC week 1: the recap

So last week I started this killer idea for a weight loss challenge. Initially it was thought for people in ministry because we are looked at as examples and I know I for one am not a good example with my health. Oh I know what your think..”what Joel? are you kidding with his dashing … Read moreNMFAPIMWLC week 1: the recap

Anti-fat arse: day 1 (beer gut)

So I have been thinking of starting to become a beer drinker. I don’t normally drink not because of religious reasons, but cus I think it tastes like crap. So why am I thinking of starting to drink beer. Simple… Beer gut justification. Thats right. I need some way to justify having a beer gut … Read moreAnti-fat arse: day 1 (beer gut)

NMFAPIMWLC: no more fat ARSE people in ministry Weight Loss challenge

So I have noticed and so has my wife that I have gained a few pounds and quite frankly I am tired of it. It isn’t conducive to many things. any more would qualify as TMI. Have you read that your body is a temple? Well mine is more like a chucky cheese. It is … Read moreNMFAPIMWLC: no more fat ARSE people in ministry Weight Loss challenge