My influences musically: Part 2

I said there would be a part 2 and while I am working on a post about “selfish leadership” I hope this will be good for random reading over the weekend for my myriads of readers. ha!

Here is the completion to the top 10 artists that have influenced my style.

6. Kings X

7. YES

8. Mad at the World

9. Yardbirds

10. Doors

More influences to come in: books, comics, old TV because I can… It’s my blog 🙂
Did you make a list yourself? lets hear it! what are your top 10 musical influences?

3 thoughts on “My influences musically: Part 2

  1. I only really listened to regularly to “The Doors” from this list. In high school I learned the entire solo to light my fire. Yes the entire “extended-cut” solo.

    Ray Manzarek was a genius holding down the bass whilst Robby Krieger rocked on.

    Sadly when they did their solo gig they each turned into their own versions of Spinal Tap’s artistic phase….

  2. Mad at the World “Seasons of Love” wow, I loved that CD. I think I have 2 copies 🙂 And Kings X “Dogman” was an amazing disc too. I need to sit down and reply with my influences.

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