Where in the world is Joel Klampert

About a year ago I found myself in this wierd state of mentality. Blogging wasn’t making sense, life wasn’t making sense and God sure as heck wasn’t making sense. I went on a “mancation” to attempt to sort through all of that.

Recently I have noticed that a year later I still have a ton to sort through.

Bear with me the next few days while I unpack that online.

I think God is doing something huge here and I want my internet family to be a part of it. So stay with me.

5 thoughts on “Where in the world is Joel Klampert

  1. Hey, Joel.

    I’m so glad you feel God is up to something in your life. It is exciting when you get that feeling. It’s also strange that one man is about to have an epiphany and another man is stumbling in the desert. It just confirms in me that God is a PERSONAL God. He works in each of us in different ways, at different times.

    Your post reminded me of that. I look forward to reading your next edition of WITWIJK.


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