Flyleaf covers Crowder

This video is awesome…

so if you are on RSS then…. OPEN IT!





7 responses to “Flyleaf covers Crowder”

  1. portorikan Avatar

    That’s pretty cool. Good stuff.

  2. Adam Avatar

    sweet.. You should play this version 🙂

  3. Mike Mahoney Avatar

    That is hot. I so wanna do this now.

    BTW, my 7-9 kids group will be “covering” some Crowder on Easter Sunday. That should be a hoot! It’s never too early to do Crowder!

    Mike Mahoneys last blog post..Sunday Setlist – March 22

  4. Joel Klampert Avatar

    it’s looking like I may attempt this for palm sunday…crossing fingers. lol

  5. Conner Byrd Avatar

    HOLY CRAP and into From the Inside Out!! AWESOME!
    Love me some Flyleaf. I’ve been DYING for something new from them. They’ll be here in July and I couldn’t be happier! I hope they pull this out!

    Conner Byrds last blog post..Quick Gavin Update

  6. Steve"The Czar" Patton Avatar

    Okay, I NEVER want to hear another comment about someone not clearly hearing the words to a rap song. I didn’t understand a word she said until “You are my joy… (repeated)” Sonicly, it was great but I didn’t know what the heck she was saying.

    Steve”The Czar” Pattons last blog post..Closing the doors

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