I’m pretty sure you people who read my blog were not paying attention in the last post…

We the people of “the joint” are giving away 3 copies of Jonathan Lee’s new CD.

ok in case you missed it again… FREE MUSIC!!!

So how do you win it?

EASY: Comment on any of the 3 reviewers blogs about this review and you will be entered to win a free download of Jonathon Lee’s Release “Let them Hear”. Spread the word on twitter, your blog, pony express etc…We have 3 copies to give away so COMMENT!*

ok so get on it…this isn’t very complicated. We have a ton more stuff to give away each week…but it’s no fun if you don’t take it!

Review: Jonathon Lee – Let Them Hear

This CD can be purchased/listened to at:

8 thoughts on “FREE CD GIVEAWAY!!!!

  1. ha ha…i guess i need to learn how to communicate better… part of the joint now we will be giving away free stuff all the time..
    so if you comment on my blog, conners or alastiars on that CD review…you get entered into winning the CD!

  2. well…you have to follow the rules. ha ha ha and comment on the review itself..

    but if you are the only one or even 1 of three it makes your say pretty

  3. I got it! And I commented! woo hoo!!!
    Don’t change a thing… I’m the crazy one who thought THIS was the post to comment on.
    It’s not you, Joel. It’s me. And it’s Friday. And I’m not used to thinking on Friday.
    Fridays are like my Saturdays.
    Don’t kick me off your blog.

    mandythompsons last blog post..022: Hello World

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