Watchmen: 1992 the year my life changed

Years ago I used to draw comics professionally. I was published in comics, graphic novels and even a RPG. I was always into spiderman and Batman and when Dark Knight came out I was wetting my pants in anticipation of the movie.

In 1992 I was working for an independant comic guy, as an apprentice, doing all of the inking and layouts he didn’t want to do. I learned a ton that year.

One day he handed me a graphic novel called “watchmen”. He told me that if I wanted to learn how to do comics better then this was my instruction manual. I went home and read it….3 times.

In 1992 I was handed a book that would forever change how I saw my art, forever change my understanding of sequential illustration, and forever hold a place in my super geek heart.

The movie is out….Sadly I have to wait till sunday to watch it.

I have been waiting 17 years to see this film…. They better not screw it up!

3 thoughts on “Watchmen: 1992 the year my life changed

  1. Haha! WOW. I used to draw all my favorite comic heros (lots of X-men and Batman.) My dad brought me to a comic book convention in Atlanta before I started high school for a fun weekend and we made portfolios of them all and I handed out about a dozen!
    Sadly, I never got past that. I transitioned to music though and look at me 🙂
    I’ll be lucky if I get to see it Sunday. I too have been so stoked about this movie! In college was the transition from comics to graphic novels and this one was stellar!

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