Sunday Set List

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This sunday was a pretty freakin awesome sunday.

We had some huge news this week that I will be sharing more about soon. It’s one part of the reason why i have been absent from the net for the last week. Our church found a building and we signed the lease. WOO HOO.

This is some awesome stuff because God did this hands down. We will be moving from a church building to a storefront on the main drag here and I can’t be more excited. Again more to come on that.

So needless to say the excitement in the building was infectious.

Here is the set this week

The Glorious Impossible – Carl Cartee (C)

Bless His Name – Tony Sanchez
Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
You Are Good – Kari Jobe

Glory to God – Steve Fee

Center – Charlie Hall
Healer – Planetshakers

Recessional (closing):
Everything Glorious – Crowder

Let me just say one thing. If you are not doing “the glorious impossible” in your church I feel sorry for you. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sunday Set List

  1. I just realized that I have The Glorious Impossible in my iTunes library – got it from #recreate last year! Now I’m ready to write out the chart – can’t wait to get this song to our people!

  2. Cool! Several of my current favorite songs: Glory to God, Everlasting God, and Everything Glorious.

    I was driving home from gymnastics with the kids tonight, and we were all belting out Everything Glorious.

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