#recreate – Steve Fee: fee band

At Re:create this year I had the privaledge of hearing and worshiping with the fee band on the last day. They were fantastic. They even did a new song that they wrote that day. I have video of it, but I have a good feeling I’d totally get sued if I put it on youtube. That wont stop me from introducing it at the church though. ha ha.

I’m in the video here, but besides me you’ll see in the video:
Randy Elrod
Alastair Vance
Carlos Whittaker
Fred Mckinnon
HT: Brody

2 thoughts on “#recreate – Steve Fee: fee band

  1. i heard steve fee lead worship when i attended catalyst in 06, and loved every.minute.of.it. it’s awesome that you got to play with the band, joel!

    [any ideas why my firefox just decided to quit letting me view youtube vids???]

    aleces last blog post..simple truth

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