#recreate – Dr. Steven Guthrie

Listening to Dr. Guthrie talk- awesome..Here is my notes.

Dr. Steven Guthrie

The two halves of worship? Spirit and Truth
Thinking words/preaching truth

Worship arts vs teaching staff – Don’t speak the same language

Creates potential tension

St. Augustine: Loved music so much he was afraid of the danger of pleasure of it effecting his mind. He said the ear must serve the mind.
When the music moves me more than the words …I would prefer to have not heard it.

He was torn between emotion/physical delight and truth/reason

Post modern values esthetic/emotion over truth and reason

Both ways of thinking still cause division

The problem is thinking these two mindsets are separate or opposed

The undivided Human

Fact is our emotions and reason are not seperate

we reason and speak esthetically and create rationally

Rhythm of our voice is not separate from it’s meaning

/ˈprɒsədi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [pros-uh-dee] Show IPA Pronunciation
1.     the science or study of poetic meters and versification.
2.     a particular or distinctive system of metrics and versification: Milton’s prosody.
Linguistics. the stress and intonation patterns of an utterance.

Emotional content and inflection change the meaning of our words

Knowledge in scripture
“and Adam knew his wife and she conceived”
In this physical act Adam came to know her in physical and cognitive way

Music and arts are a part of the Gospel proclamation of the church

Music and arts are wholly a part of the “truth” and are used to teach the church as well.

Choose music and drama based on what the church needs to hear not just because it’s a good song.

Look for ways melody and rhythm and color can announce the good news of Jesus Christ.

The prosody of the proclamation

Songs and art done in different ways can teach the truth as well as marry emotion to the Holiness of God.

Music can expound on the words

The knowing of doing

Act on the truth (Exodus 6:6-7)

In doing something God shows his love for us
In us doing something we reveal who God is.

Model worship and humility

Serve the church and listen

It may be the most important thing we do is allow the congregation to hear each other sing and be “One Voice”





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    This is great stuff…can’t wait to hear/read more.

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