Re:create 09′

In four days I will be flying out to Nasville to attend the re:create “un-conference”. I am very excited to be able to go to this think tank and learn from my peers how better to get the good news to hit home with people.

I also get to meet come of my blogging friends like Fred, Alastair, Tam, Brent, Chris, Paul…and meet some people that I have wanted to for a while like Anne, Los, randy, john, Jim etc.

I feel beyond privaledged to be going and learning and at the same time enjoying a week of God, great food and amazing worship.

Worship is with michael w. smith, steve fee, merideth andrews, andrew shust and others.

I have heard so much about how amazing this conference is and I truly can’t wait to get there.

I will be rooming with the famous Fred Mckinnon (im bringing earplugs…uh for both of us). I think we are going to try to keep both of our readers updated frequesntly with text, video, twitter and pics so keep watch.

Fred and I get in at the same time and we will be meeting up with a bunch of bloggers at some restaurant there which should be a blast.

Here is the end of this…I want to see people in my community truly understand the grace of God and cash in on what he has given us. I’m praying I come home with some more tools to be able to be more effective in the ministry God has me in.

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