Shuffle them i-tunes

Fred Mckinnon did another shuffle your i-tunes and post what comes up. I did it a few months ago and it’s always fun so here we go again. While your at it…shuffle yours and comment with what you’ve got in the list.

Here is mine:

Delusions of Grandeur – Flemming and John

Eyes Like Yours – Shakira

Typical Situation – Dave Matthews Band

Star Spangled Banner – Jimi Hendrix

The tale of Dusty Pistol – Smashing Pumpkins

Black the Sky – Kings X

The Sky is still the same – Emily Schiavi

Wilderness – Choir

Prodigal – Eden’s Bridge

Sinking – Jars of Clay





2 responses to “Shuffle them i-tunes”

  1. Jamey Avatar

    Welcome to the Real World – SkyLine Drive
    More God – Newsong
    Miles and Miles Away – David Phelps
    Lord Have Mercy – Michael W. Smith
    I Could Sing of Your Love Forever – The Martins
    Holy One – Charles Billingsley
    Look Who Just Checked In – Gold City Quartet
    Jesus Freak – DC Talk

  2. Fred F. McKinnon Avatar

    Man, and I thought I had an original idea! (seriously, I missed that post you did, I guess!) ….

    I’ll do a NEW Shuffle just for you, baby:

    1. Sunday Morn (Piano Interlude) – Fred McKinnon
    (OK, that’s first because I just imported it from ProTools)

    2. Come and Listen (Steve Fee)
    3. Hernando Testimony Soundtrack (Fred McKinnon/SSCC)
    4. Low (Coldplay)
    5. The All-Emcompassing Love of the Father (Kelly Carpenter)
    6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (1:15 of which I have no clue who that is or how it got in my playlist?)
    7. WayRadio Live Interview on 90.7 for Worship Under the Stars (Fred McKinnon)
    8. Stay (Hillsongs Australia)
    9. When Seattle Sleeps (McKendree Augustas)
    10. As The Deer (Fred McKinnon, Be Glorified)
    11. Today Is The Day (Lincoln Brewster)
    12. Run To Your Presence (old live recording of CRCSSI)
    13. Shilo (Neil Diamond)
    14. You Raise Me Up (Worship Under the Stars)
    15. WUTS Ad

    So … wow, it’s not hard to see that my iTunes playlist here at the studio is mostly … well … stuff created in my studio!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

    Fred F. McKinnons last blog post..Sunday Setlist #16 – Worship Service Recaps

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