I have been told it’s Novembeard. I have not been one to shy away from sporting a beard. I normally grow just the goatee and the picture above merely shows I am lazy. I have told that the rules are simple. Don’t shave your beard or Gotee, or handelbars (all or one of them) for the entire month of November.

Ok I’m in. and so are my buddies Russ, and Jon, JonMorris

7 thoughts on “Novembeard

  1. I kept hearing I was supposed to shave it first and then let it grow back the entire month. But then I heard I didn’t have to. If that’s the case, I’m all in 🙂

    Yeah dude, one day we need to hook up. Any kind of conference is probably out for next year. Some big news dropped at church that’ll I’ll be discussing soon 🙁

  2. d’oh! Had i known, i would have gotten in on that. im too lazy to shave most of the time… it coulda been interesting.

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