CONTEST! Ultimate link love recovery

Ok so the moment we have all been waiting for is here. It is time for the ultimate link love recovery contest.


Simple. I moved my site from CECWorship recently and noticed that because it was on it came with a share of problems trying to move RSS over. Most of my readers were not using the feedburner feed and I could not transfer them over so I went from 125 readers to 10. Not much community like that. Then on top of all that my technorati rating went down to 0 (yes I am a stat ho and proud of it). So I want to get the community back to where it was quick because I have some great stuff I will be writing about soon.


This will be an # entry based contest all plugged into so that means You get your name in hat once or twice depending on what you do. This is a bloggers contest.

There are 3 tiers if you will.

  • 1 entry if: you change your link on your blogroll, already have changed it, or add my to your blogroll (of course I will add you to mine if it isn’t already.
  • 2 entries if:Β  you do the above plus subscribe to my new feed
  • Big daddy!: If you do all the above and also do a small (or long) post announcing my sites move and that you like me (ha ha) you automatically get put into a different contest for grand prize only.

So once you have done any of these or already have before contest started post in the comments on this post what tier: 1, 2, big daddy you have accomplished and a link to your site. MAKE SURE YOUR LINK IS ATTACHED TO AN EMAIL SO I CAN CONTACT YOU FOR YOUR ADDRESS.


Thanks to my friends at Integrity Music I have some amazing giveaways!

for stage 1 and 2: 4 winners will be chosen at random to recieve everything listed below!

Lincoln CD/digital songbook pack (Today is the Day)
Kathryn CD/digital songbook pack (I Belong)
Hillsong (This Is Our God) digital songbook.

For the Big Daddy Prize chosen at random for those in that category only:

Receive all of what the stage 1 and 2 winners get plus….
Joy Whitlock CD (God and A Girl)
Paul Baloche – Music Theory Made Easy DVD


This contest ends Friday Nov 7th. Winners will be announced Mon Nov 10th

There it is folks…spread the word…yeah there are amazing prizes and fun to be had, but most of all I get to build up the community I had plus get ot meet some new people or have some new reads enriching my life.
Just to let you know also to encourage RSS subscribing. If you thought my old blog was cool it’s about to get way awesomer (yes that is a word today).

If I have missed something or something makes no sense to you and is like in Klingon let me know.

note: if you already get integrity materials (fred mckinnon) feel free to do all the above anyway you just are not in the running for the prizes.

43 thoughts on “CONTEST! Ultimate link love recovery

  1. Joel, your site looks great.

    I guess I’m a tier 3.

    I’ve updated your rss in my reader.
    I’ve added you to my blogroll.
    I have a post set to publish at noon today directing my millions of readers to your new space (ok, ok so maybe I don’t have millions of readers)!

    Russ Huttos last blog post..Space Invaders Intro

  2. Let’s see, I’d actually already done those things…

    Your Feedburner feed is in my RSS reader.

    You’re in my Blogroll

    Today’s post (co-incidentally, and I wrote it yesterday!) promotes your blog.

    Hook a brother up!

    Mike Mahoneys last blog post..More Blogs on Blogs

  3. hey joel, I’m not in your blogroll (and you don’t have to add me, since I don’t want to just be another name in the very long list!) but I read your blog πŸ™‚ It might be cool for you to know that I’m from Singapore, a country so tiny you probably don’t quite know where it is on the map, haha.

    I’ve done both 1 & 2!

    hannahs last blog more day to the end of four years

  4. GREAT idea. Totally forgot to make the switch with you when you moved (I’m moving in the next week or so too). No need to put me in the contest. I got your link updated and will do a quick post next week once I wrap up my beatitudes series (ends tomorrow). Love the new site!

    Aaron Conrads last blog post..Day Seven – Peacemakers

  5. 1. Added to Blogroll (check)
    2. Subscribed to RSS (check)
    3. Wrote article (check)
    4. Made you my “Pick of the Week” (check)

    Now, if you will go here for me and click on the “Thumb This Up” button below the post it will help me help you!

    Tims last blog post..Pick of the Week – Klampert

  6. Awesome, I took part in the single tier ’cause I’m in it for good ol’ Linc! Haha.


    1. Added you to my blogroll
    2. Subscribed to your RSS feed!


    God bless!

  7. What do you think of Joy Whitlock’s album, God and a Girl? I think she’s a breath of fresh air… Would you post a review?

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