Lifepath Church Setlist 10/26/08

As always…part of the carnival

Amazing grace (chains are gone): Trad – Tomlin

Gloria: Be Glorified – Klampert
Happy Day – Tim Hughes
Everything Glorious – David Crowder
Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill

Cannons – Phil Wickham

We Fall Down – Tomlin
Better is One Day – Matt Redman

Dancing Generation – Matt Redman

A very cool Sunday. Great music and some major answers to prayer. One of my youth has been praying her mom would come to church. She has been taking some major leaps of faith and even annointed her mom with oil this week and prayed for her. Well this week God honored her faithfulness when her mom asked her If she could go to church with her. AWESOME! She had a tough day because the enemy is pushing back so if you can give her a quick prayer and her family that would be great.

I think overall the set was perfect. Everything went smooth this week. After service we had a lunchin and discussed as a church family or pending move and our churches options. Everything went great. Just  a real good Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Lifepath Church Setlist 10/26/08

  1. Oh wow, if I hadn’t led worship at our church I would have LOVED coming to yours!
    I also did Cannons. LOVE that tune! I just love that opening set there man! Great stuff.
    I wish I had lunch with the team afterwards! The sentiment Sunday was so refreshing. I love our group of musicians and getting back together with them and playing is like going out to dinner with all your best friends anyway. It was a pretty amazing morning.

    Conners last blog post..Sunday Setlist Oct. 26th – I’m baaaack!

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