Kathryn Scott: I Belong

Kathryn Scott came out with a new CD this year called “I Belong” have you heard it? It is pretty good, but the title track stands out. It is so simplistic yet says so much.

Listen to the interview below and then at the end she sings the song.

Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1
Not angels, nor demons, no power on earth or heaven
Not distance, nor danger, no trouble now or ever

Pre Chorus
Nothing can take me from your great love
Forever this truth remains

I belong, I belong to you X2

Verse 2
Not hardship, nor hunger, no pain or depth of sorrow
Not weakness, nor failure, no broken dream or promise


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  1. @Bridget – that sounds great…hope it goes well…let me know how the congregation likes the song

    @jay – Hungry is still one of the best

    @robin – HEY…glad to see you on here. thanks!

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